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Analysis of Cyclop’s Altseason Forecast

In a thread on X (formerly Twitter), the popular crypto analyst known as cyclop (@nobrainflip) delivered a bold forecast to his substantial following of 394,000. He proclaimed, ÔÇ£We are close to the biggest altseason in history. Everyone will make x50-x100 on their entire portfolio. $5k portfolio will be around $250k-$500k in 2025. All you need is to buy the right lowcaps.”

This assertion hinges on a strategic selection of low market capitalization cryptocurrencies, which, according to Cyclop, are poised for an exponential surge in value. Cyclop elucidates his strategy by detailing the liquidity flow typically observed during a bull market phase, a sequential process starting with Bitcoin (BTC) and cascading down to meme coins.

He explains, ÔÇ£Here is a typical bull run liquidity flow: 1: BTC pump 2: ETH pump 3: High cap alts pump 4: Low caps pump 5: Memecoin pump.ÔÇØ Importantly, he highlights that high cap memecoins have already experienced their growth phase, suggesting that ÔÇ£lowcap/lowcap memecoins ÔÇô nextÔÇØ are primed for significant value appreciation.

Within this framework, Cyclop underscores the potential for staggering returns without the necessity for professional day trading expertise. ÔÇ£ItÔÇÖs cause each coin has its maximum, and if its MC is already high, itÔÇÖs not so far away. But when the market cap is almost at zero, the potential is enormous,ÔÇØ he advises, promoting a hands-off investment strategy focused on the ÔÇÿrightÔÇÖ coins.

Crypto Watchlist: Top-10 Lowcap Coins

CyclopÔÇÖs watchlist is a selection of ten recently launched projects with low market caps and, in his view, substantial growth potential:

#1 Wolf Wif (BALLZ): A meme coin that took the Solana blockchain by storm, achieving a $75 million market cap within a day of its launch. Despite a subsequent correction, Cyclop views this as an optimal entry point, confidently stating, ÔÇ£IÔÇÖm holding my BALLZ tight.ÔÇØ

#2 Entangle (NGL): Positioned as a potential leading messaging infrastructure for the Web3 space, Entangle aims to enhance liquidity within the ecosystem. It offers secure, flexible, and interoperable solutions for blockchain data communication, positioning itself as a critical infrastructure for dApps and builders.

#3 StarHeroes (STAR): This esports-centric, multiplayer third-person space shooter game is making waves with its dynamic and competitive gameplay. Cyclop sees this as a revolutionary blend of gaming and blockchain technology, offering intense gaming emotions and a new avenue for esports within the crypto realm.

#4 Heroes of Mavia (MAVIA): A blockchain strategy game that allows players to build bases, engage in battles for cryptocurrency rewards, and form partnerships with landowners. Cyclop highlights its potential in the play-to-earn space, marking it as a standout project.

#5 VoluMint (VMINT): This project introduces a decentralized, AI-driven market-making service, aiming to redefine market-making in the era of blockchain. Cyclop is bullish on its ability to unlock the potential of crypto projects, emphasizing its innovative approach.

#6 SatoshiVM (SAVM): As a decentralized Bitcoin ZK Rollup Layer 2 solution, SatoshiVM bridges the gap between Bitcoin and EthereumÔÇÖs EVM, using BTC as gas. This project aims to combine the value and security of Bitcoin with the programmability of Ethereum, creating a powerful ecosystem for decentralized applications. Cyclop notes, ÔÇ£SAVMÔÇÖs unique positioning as a bridge between BTC and EVM ecosystems presents a groundbreaking opportunity for growth.ÔÇØ

#7 Graphlinq Chain (GLQ): Offering a no-code interface for automating blockchain tasks, Graphlinq Chain simplifies the creation and deployment of blockchain automations. Its suite of tools, including an IDE, App, Engine, and Marketplace, is designed to make blockchain automation accessible to a wider audience. ÔÇ£GraphLinq Protocol demystifies blockchain automation, paving the way for innovative applications and efficiencies,ÔÇØ Cyclop remarks.

#8 zKML (ZKML): This project addresses the pressing need for privacy in digital transactions and communications. By combining zero-knowledge proofs, homomorphic encryption, and multi-party computation (MPC), zKML offers a secure and private framework for blockchain interactions. ÔÇ£ZKMLÔÇÖs focus on privacy-enhancing technologies is timely and critical, offering a secure haven for digital transactions,ÔÇØ observes Cyclop.

#9 Monai (MONAI): Monai stands out for its development of uncensored generative AI tools, integrated with its blockchain, Monad. It features an advanced, unrestricted Large Language Model as its flagship product, aiming to revolutionize the way we interact with AI. ÔÇ£MonaiÔÇÖs pioneering approach to generative AI within the blockchain space is a game-changer, offering unparalleled possibilities,ÔÇØ Cyclop asserts.

#10 EMC Protocol (EMC): Dedicated to AI applications, EMC Protocol is a blockchain network that includes a computing power consensus mechanism. It aims to facilitate the execution of AI tasks within a decentralized framework, including validator, smart router, and computing power nodes. ÔÇ£EMCÔÇÖs innovative approach to integrating AI and blockchain could redefine the landscape of decentralized applications,ÔÇØ Cyclop concludes.

At press time, cyclopÔÇÖs top pick ÔÇô BALLZ ÔÇô traded at $0.04231, down almost 50% from its alltime-high.

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