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## News Coverage and Safety Concerns

Recently, there have been multiple news articles published about my case, with three different news outlets covering it. In addition, a TikTok video related to my situation went viral. Unfortunately, this media attention has led to receiving numerous death threats, and someone even posted my address online.

The charges against me involve possession of child sexual abuse material (csam) and I am facing a total of nine counts. Given that I am located in a conservative Bible Belt area, I am starting to consider whether a change of venue might be necessary. It appears that the local news and community are eager to use my case as an example, which is concerning for my safety.

Overall, the entire experience has been a nightmare, and I am growing increasingly worried about my well-being. If anyone has faced a similar situation or has successfully requested a change of venue, I would greatly appreciate any advice or insights.

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  • gphs

    I mean you should listen to your lawyer. Generally change of venue motions are difficult anyways. I realize itÔÇÖs probably stressful but people move on pretty quickly and theyÔÇÖll be onto the next thing by Tuesday.

    You should however report the death threats to the extent possible. But trust me the people who talk a big game about how much they want to hurt you wonÔÇÖt do anything more than that ÔÇö talk.

  • Extension_Trip5268

    My case was national news and I even found a couple international articles. There were TikToks, Instagram Reels, even a Reddit thread or two.

    I would recommend talking to your lawyer and make sure you are saving screenshots of any death threats you received.

  • Kgxo123

    My bf has over 9 articles for a statutory offense, he played football for college and was good, sports news outlets published his case as well.
    Yet someone in his jail who beat his 2 month old child to death has 2.
    DoesnÔÇÖt help my bf is being housed in a very racist county.
    it sucks. I try to not look at them. At his sentencing they put him on the front page. Not to mention every article had false info, the comments are just awful. Some defend his actions (which is weird) and some just call him the N word, some said ÔÇ£bidens african American best friendÔÇØ others were so disturbing IÔÇÖd rather not say here.
    Try and not let it get to you I know itÔÇÖs hard. Best of luck

  • Krunzen64

    It’s pretty common for the police to feed articles to the press, especially on internet dating stings. Also the Federal Prosecuter often drop press releases upon completion of the case. Both are self congratulations and justify their budgets. For the press they are easy articles to write, and keep the public riled up

  • endregistries

    I was in the local papers and on the tv news the day of my arrest- with mug shot. It was 2008, and news articles had comment sections and the comments were pretty awful. I was then in the local news again a few years later when I was ultimately convicted. The newspaper recycled the same half-truths. Then, a decade after my arrest, I was in the local news because I was doing well but also volunteering as president of my synagogue when a moral panic broke out. The story was picked up by an international publication and I got to face humiliation all over again. And then, I went and testified in favor of a bill that would have allowed people who were retroactively placed onto CTÔÇÖs registry to be removed and the newspaper devoted 3 paragraphs of 5 to my testimony. Although the last one was much more favorable treatment. So yes, there were news articles published about my case. IÔÇÖm no longer on the registry and my record has been expunged, but the news articles live on.

  • ItGetsBetter82

    In two weeks you’ll be forgotten about. Don’t let them chase you out of your home. Good luck.

  • Reasonable_Mall_7031

    My case was 32 years ago. Since I owned a school.bus company at the time. And I had 8 victims, all teens boys. I was on 7 radio stations, 6 TV news, Howard Stern was making fun of me. I was placed into a mental hospital for my protection. The news found out which one and tried to get in, but the hospital staff kept them out. My lawyer was very smart and had connections at the hospital he arranged for one person to shade me while I was there like a body guard. I did not know it at the time.

    The DA was running for relection and promised the people of New ayork I get 25 to life. Half of what the parents of the victims wanted. One local newspaper placed me on the front cover everything time I went to court until we sued them for lies. We did not win but they did stop printing lies. When my lawyer asked for the discovery of evidence, all 8 statements said I hit them assault case, but I did not sexually do anything.

    Of course, the press did not print that nor did they print the DA eating her words when it looked like my case was going to stop her reaction dead in her tracks. She quickly made a deal for 3.5yrs probation to make the case go away. When sentence 9 mo ths after it started no press in court.

    I wad big news for 1 week, and I do remember the story that bumped me off the main topic.

    I lost a lot 3 businesses, friends and relatives. Bur nowv32yra later I have a new life and family new businesses (2). Nobody remembers my past except the 8 victims and me.

    You will be ok. It will go awsy.

  • UniqueConfusion2931

    I was on the news, in the papers apparently, but only read an online article. I was told there were multiple ones but I stopped searching after reading the first article because IÔÇÖve heard so much from celebrities who donÔÇÖt read comments. IÔÇÖtÔÇÖll drive you nuts. The article was exactly what youÔÇÖd expect: half truths that made me look bad without saying that I was catfished on an adult dating site by someone pretending to be legal age. That part, which I thought would be paramount, was irrelevant to the police, and I donÔÇÖt think they bothered saying it to the press but they did mention the name of the app, so people familiar with online dating would surmise as much. That gave me comfort. Interestingly enough, some people who you would expect to be understanding and sympathetic were no where to be found, and those that you didnÔÇÖt think you were hear from reached out to show support. Very few people, like 2, went out of their way to say something horrible and a lot of them just quietly distanced themselves. I take comfort in the fact that I know deep down, that I didnÔÇÖt set out to do anything wrong. I was misled . And for those who didnÔÇÖt bother to check in after seeing an article on the news? Well fuck ÔÇÿem ­ƒñÀÔÇìÔÖé´©Å

  • Aleksander39

    Not only was I on all 4 local news stations, but Yahoo news picked up the story of my arrest, there are a couple of YouTube videos of my arrest, the NY Post had a story, and one local reporter with her cameraman came knocking on my door. When I didn’t open the door, they proceeded to film their story in front of my house. But the media quickly moved on. Fast forward one year later, and there wasn’t a single write up on my sentencing.

  • Visual_Eggplant_6993

    The only two write ups about my case were one in the local paper for the county my charges came from and the other was from the newspaper for the college I was attending when I got charged

  • Humble-Pineapple4317

    My husband was on the news and in local online news papers. ┬á The comments are crazy. ┬áKeyboard warriors are cowards though. ┬á ItÔÇÖs hard to go through but it will get better. They will move on to someone else. ┬á┬á

  • Another-one-is-here

    Yes. My story ran twice, a few weeks after arraignment and then again about a week after sentencing. Hit all four news shows, front page of the paper and got picked up by many online news sites with copypasta. I made a conscious decision not to read them or the comments after the first article. Today I have my own business and I always worry about the publicity but no one new has ever shown a sign of recognizing me. IÔÇÖm less notorious than I worry I am.