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## Seeking Advice from Pennsylvanians with Experience Collecting Child Support from Self-Employed Parents

Hello all,

I am seeking advice from fellow Pennsylvanians who have experience with collecting child support from self-employed parents. Specifically, I am dealing with a situation where the other parent, who is self-employed, has only met our 7-year-old child twice in the past 5 years. After those two brief encounters, he disappeared and went on a month-long trip to Amsterdam.

The other parent in question has multiple businesses and frequently travels outside the US. I suspect that he may be falsely categorizing his extravagant vacations as business expenses, instead of using that income to support our child. It seems that these trips are more for personal pleasure, as he often takes his girlfriends or fiancée along.

## Challenges in Proving Income of a Self-Employed Parent

Has anyone faced similar challenges in proving the income of a self-employed parent in situations like mine? I would greatly appreciate any advice or insights on how to navigate this complex situation and ensure that the other parent contributes financially to the upbringing of our child.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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  • THEsuziesunshine

    You will have to get an attorney and subpoena tax returns and bank statements.

  • jaywalkle2024

    Agree you are going to need a lawyer. Pennsylvania is an income shares state. It will depend on the definition of gross income in Pennsylvania. You will have to get all the bank statements, both personal and from the business. This can be tricky and the business may be paying for expenses that he would otherwise have to pay himself, which CAN be attributed to him as income. Definitely need a lawyer for this one.