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## Seeking Advice on California Lemon Law for Our Ongoing Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Issue

Hi Everyone,

We have been dealing with a recurring issue with our 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, which has been to the dealership six times over the span of a year. This has resulted in a total of 111 days of time spent trying to fix the same problem. Despite getting the car back recently, the issue seems to persist and we are feeling frustrated with the situation.

Someone mentioned to us that our car may fall under the California lemon law due to the ongoing mechanical issues. We have been residents of California for the past two years, but we purchased the car from a Hyundai dealership in South Carolina in 2020. The conflicting information we have come across regarding the coverage of the CA lemon law has left us unsure about our rights in this scenario.

We would appreciate any advice or input from those familiar with the California lemon law and how it may apply to our situation. Your insights could help us navigate this complex issue and make informed decisions about our next steps. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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  • apparent-evaluation

    Even if it would apply across state lines, the CA lemon law applies to cars with in the first 18 months of purchase and/or 18,000 miles. So you’d be well outside of that at ~48 months and 200,000 miles.