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Maricopa Chamber of Commerce Urges Local Businesses to Report Beneficial Ownership Information

The Maricopa Chamber of Commerce has issued a reminder to local businesses, emphasizing the importance of reporting who owns their companies to avoid potential consequences. Failure to comply with this requirement could result in severe penalties, prompting the Chamber to take proactive steps in informing business owners about the necessary actions to take.

One of the ways the Chamber has addressed this issue is by inviting small business expert Kevin Connors to educate local business owners on the new Beneficial Ownership Information reporting. Connors, who serves as the director of Central Arizona CollegeÔÇÖs Small Business Development Center, provided valuable insights and answered questions to help business owners navigate the reporting process effectively.

With concerns about the lack of awareness surrounding the Biden Administration’s compliance requirements, Chamber Executive Director Kelly Anderson emphasized the need for local business owners to grasp the significance of this reporting mandate to protect themselves from potential exploitation.

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