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# Feeling Trapped: My Real Estate Nightmare

I’m 29 years old and recently bought a house with my girlfriend and her brother. The idea was to keep this family home within their family, as I’ve been with my girlfriend for 12 years and always felt like a part of their family. However, this decision has turned into a nightmare for me.

While I wanted to do something nice for the family, owning a home has never been my dream. I’m miserable in the situation, struggling to afford the house, and constantly subjected to emotional abuse from my girlfriend’s family. They treat me poorly and use any changes I make to the home as an excuse for passive-aggressive behavior. It’s draining and taking a toll on my mental health.

I’ve reached a breaking point and want to sell my share of the house. I plan to discuss this with the bank and broker soon. Has anyone else been in a similar situation dealing with manipulative in-laws?

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