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**Federal Aid for Louisiana Crawfish Farmers**

Louisiana crawfish farmers are facing a challenging year with a depleted harvest, but help is on the way. The Small Business Administration has declared a disaster for the state’s crawfish industry, offering a lifeline in the form of low-interest loans to help businesses and individuals stay afloat.

**Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program**

Through the SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program, affected parties can apply for loans of up to $2 million to cover financial obligations and operating expenses that have been impacted by the disaster. The funds can be used for working capital, as well as essential expenses like healthcare benefits, rent, utilities, and debt payments.

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**Loan Terms and Deferral**

One of the benefits of the EIDL program is that the first payment on the loan can be deferred for 12 months, with no interest accruing during this period. The interest rate on the loan will not exceed 4%, and borrowers have the flexibility to pay off the loan early without penalty. Repayment terms can extend up to 30 years, providing some relief to struggling farmers.

**Support from Government Leaders**

Louisiana U.S. Representatives have advocated for assistance for crawfish farmers, wholesalers, and processors, while Governor Jeff Landry has declared a statewide emergency to connect industry members with federal aid. The collaboration between federal and state agencies demonstrates a commitment to helping agricultural businesses weather economic challenges caused by environmental factors.

**Swift and Efficient Support**

SBA leader Isabella Casillas Guzman emphasized the agency’s dedication to providing swift and efficient support to Louisiana small businesses affected by the crawfish shortage. The goal is to offer federal disaster loans with a customer-centric approach, ensuring that businesses and communities receive the assistance they need to overcome this economic and environmental challenge.

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