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# Ongoing Discussions on Delayed Processing of Tax Returns

There have been ongoing discussions within the sub regarding the delayed processing of tax returns. It has come to light that contributors to the FHSA are more prone to experiencing these delays compared to others. This has raised concerns and frustrations among FHSA holders who are eagerly awaiting their tax refunds.

## The Impact on FHSA Contributors

The delayed processing of tax returns has had a significant impact on FHSA contributors, leading to uncertainty and financial strain. Many individuals rely on their tax refunds to cover expenses or make important financial decisions. The extended waiting period has caused frustration and anxiety among FHSA holders who are left in the dark about the status of their refunds.

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  • RCJoshua

    My First time to efile tax last feb 22, untl now there is no update on our tax when it will be assess. Anyone same situation here? What did u do to get an update?


    I contributed $8k to FHSA and got my NOA a few days ago. There is hope!

  • absoluteunitsauce

    Issue is fixed they claim. Called CRA yesterday.

    I filed on the 29th of February and will be receiving the refund on the 28th of March. (I filed online and will be receiving it via mail).

    The lady mentioned I had a note on my CRA tax file about an FHSA. Can confirm that the FHSA is the issue.

  • No-Confection8657

    Still nothing on my CRA … Filed Feb 19. All updates on the tracker still dated Feb 19. Maybe in another month.

  • OMGeno1

    I filed on Feb.29th. Expected date was March 12th I believe, which came and went. Changed to not available until March 21st when I got an email saying my notice of assessment was available. On the CRA website, it says the NOA will be available on March 28th. I assume that’s when I will receive the refund. Not thrilled that it’s going to take a month, but I’m happy there is finally progress!

  • PenguCousin

    Ya but almost all of them are getting cleared up this week. I submitted my taxes with my FHSA on Feb 27th and they said it would be done on March 12th, it wasn’t and I didn’t get any updates until March 18th. Now it says it’s been processed and my NOA will be available on April 3rd, so I think I’ll get my refund then or maybe a little earlier?

  • sennyonelove

    I had the same problem (contributed to FHSA in 2023) but got my express notice of assessment yesterday. I filed on March 3 and got an expected processing date of March 18. The status was then updated to ‘Not currently available’ on March 19 before I got an express notice on March 21, and an April 3 date for the actual notice of assessment. I’m yet to see the refund in my account.

  • may_be_indecisive

    Ah the FHSA and causing more problems.

  • KofOaks

    Mine cleared out yesterday; It took about 2 weeks.

  • cedric1997

    Filed on March 14th. Got my express NOA yesterday, no money yet. Had my Quebec NOA and return at the same time yesterday.

  • No-Confection8657

    I am glad people are getting the NOAs now. I am confused why people who filed this week already have theirs. Some people like me who filed Feb 19 still have nothing yet. How does this “order of operations” work? My tax return wasn’t complicated. T4, T5 .. and I opened a FHSA with Questrade only putting $1250 in and $15k to RRSP.

    I did notice when I log into CRA my account all updates in the tracker are still dated Feb 19. When I go to tax slips, there is still no drop down option to view any T4SHA. It should have been electronically filed by Questrade by now right?

  • One_Committee6522

    Filed Feb 25, contributed to an FHSA, and got my NOA yesterday. My partner had the same. No refund in my bank account yet.

  • incompetentflagella

    So I filed my taxes on Mar 2. It sat there unacknowledged till yesterday and then it said Assessed and notice of assessment available Apr 3. Yesterday I filed notice of reassessment and that will also be available Apr 3! Huzzah!!!!!!!

  • quantumfresh

    Filed March 6th and contributed to my FHSA. My initial date was March 20th & I got my express NOA on March 21st. Refund is still ~1 week away. It seems like theyÔÇÖve fixed the issue. ThereÔÇÖs hope out there!

  • cuntfucker500

    Contributed to FHSA, filed on the 15th of March and got my notice today.

  • kdspiralz

    Just finally got my NOA this morning ­ƒÖÅ­ƒÅ╗ filed on Feb 20

  • matias-

    Can I change my return that says itÔÇÖs ÔÇ£assessedÔÇØ even if the date is showing April 3rd?

  • lastbenchboy

    March 1st submission and got my NOA today early morning.

  • fierydragon87

    Got my NoA this morning! Filed Mar 1st, had contributed to FHSA last year and the estimated date on my CRA account was “unknown”. So looks like the software has been updated. Now gotta wait for the refund to hit my account 🙂

  • kijomac

    Filed Mar 1, got my express NOA, and the official one isn’t till April 3rd. My T4FHSA still isn’t actually appearing in my CRA tax slips, so is that the reason my date seems to be later than everyone else’s? My FHSA is with Assante.

  • beckhsrules

    Got my Express NOA today with a Mar 28 regular NOA date. When can I expect the payment to be credited in my account. Will it be Mar 28 or on a later date?

  • dylan_fan

    I got my express NOA with a March 28 regular NOA date, filed Feb 21

  • TootNBluff

    CTV reached out to me today and said they will be publishing an article this afternoon regarding the information I gave them about this issue.

  • dothatsht

    Cra govt called me this morning and asked me to submit my t4 slip as it never showed up in their system. ThatÔÇÖs the reason for the delay in my case. Cross fingers my tax return will finally be processed as itÔÇÖs been a month since Feb 19! Hope others will get a call soon if theyÔÇÖre in the same situation.

  • WrongCapital83

    Filed yesterday and got express NOA same day. I contributed to FHSA in 2023.

  • iSpeezy

    Got my NOA this morning, filed Feb 19

  • uchiha_99

    Did not contribute to FHSA and Target Completion Data is still Unavailable.

    Congrats to everyone receiving their NOAs. I dont know whats wrong with mine, filed a service complaint last week as well.

  • DrRaptorNeonJesus

    UPDATE: Saw this post late last night a received my NOA this morning at 7am! Filed Feb 19th so light is at the end of the tunnel people!

  • Vancouver_CantPucks

    Wow, this post made me feel like my refund would take forever.

    I filed on March 20 and received a notice of assessment the next day, March 21. I opened and contributed to a FHSA in 2023. Other than that I have a simple return, some T4s and T5s and foreign bank interest.