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Nvidia Stock Plunges Below 50-Day Average

Nvidia (NVDA) saw a significant drop on Friday, sliding well below its 50-day average as the broader market also experienced a retreat. As of Friday afternoon, Nvidia stock was down about 22% from its high in March.

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Nvidia Stock Joins Fellow AI Play

Shares of the AI chip giant dropped a further 10% to 761 in late afternoon trading, joining Super Micro Computer (SMCI) stock in leading the market slide. Both stocks signaled sell indicators in Friday’s trading session.

Nvidia stock plunged 10% below its 10-week moving average, signaling a clear sell indication to either secure partial profits or completely exit a position with modest gains.

Nvidia has been at the forefront of the artificial intelligence sector, serving as the top AI-chip producer. After hitting a low of 298.06 in May 2023, the stock reached a high of 974 on March 8 this year, marking its most recent buying point before beginning to fade on March 26.

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