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### Student Facing Bullying and Harassment at School

I am a 17-year-old girl currently studying at gymnasium in Denmark. I am enrolled in a physics/mathematics program where I am one of the only 7 girls in a class of 28 students. Unfortunately, I have been facing unwanted attention from the boys in my class, who have been harassing me with sexual comments and teasing me.

### Seeking Help from School Counselors

After enduring this behavior for some time, I decided to confide in one of my teachers, who advised me to speak with the school counselor. The counselor assured me that she would address the issue by speaking to my teachers and working towards a resolution. However, a week later, she informed me that my teachers were unaware of the situation and shifted the blame onto me, suggesting that I needed to change my behavior.

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### Dealing with Family Pressure

On top of the challenges I am facing at school, I am also dealing with unsupportive parents who dismiss my concerns and tell me to toughen up. As a minor, I am unable to make decisions about leaving school without my parents’ involvement. This has left me feeling trapped and unsure of how to proceed.

### Exploring Alternatives

If attending school in person has become unbearable, it is important to explore alternative options. While attending classes remotely and completing homework may be manageable, the thought of facing my classmates in person is daunting. I am considering potential strategies to legally avoid physical attendance at school until the end of the year, while still maintaining academic progress.

### Conclusion

Overall, navigating a challenging situation like this requires a combination of seeking support from school resources, exploring legal options, and advocating for your well-being. By utilizing tools like the AI Legalese Decoder and seeking guidance from trusted adults, you can work towards finding a solution that prioritizes your safety and mental health.

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  • Mini_meeeee

    Girl, you gotta record it (At least audio, if possible, video). This is the first lesson I think everybody should learn: “evidence or else it didn’t happen”.

  • No-Professional5604

    Im sorry youre going through this and that no adult stands up for you. I dont know if its possible but go against the counselor. She is supposed to help you and not make you out for liar? She just doesnt like you, it seems. But she is supposed to be the adult here. You are supposed to see results from HER and not the other way around.

    If they are really making it difficult, maybe collect proof.

    And could you get your parents on your side? It seems like they are protecting the boys.

  • collectif-clothing

    Record it and show it to the school director.  Make your parents go with you!

  • Necrotechxking

    The fact the other girls didn’t want to include you does kind of leave some gaps here.

    Are you somehow different? A different race perhaps. Or sexuality.

    As others have said gather evidence. However if you ditch school you are allowing them to have a massive detrimental impact on your future. You have to find a way to bear it or you let them ruin the rest of your life.

  • Fabulous_Magician_10

    Be aware recording people without their knowledge is against danish law unless you’re part of a conversation that is the subject of said recording.

    You say teasing and hitting on you. Neither is against the law, and Danes like to tease each other. The hitting on, well, is it possible these guys are total nerds, and that you’re very beautiful? It’s not outside the realm of possibility that they just don’t know how to address you the proper way. It might be a cultural thing too.

    In any case my advice to you is to stand up for yourself, physically, in class, and concisely tell the class how you feel. Only that. No accusations. “When you do A to me I feel B, C and maybe even D, and I’d like for it to stop, please.

    Most people will respect you for doing that, and if not, they are indeed assholes.

    Also, suing isn’t an option here. You’d lose from what you describe is happening, and it would cost you a lot of money too.

    Good luck.

  • AJeanByAnyOtherName

    That sounds really tough and it looks like the people in charge are letting you down. I can see how you’re looking around for alternatives.

    Maybe a youth helpline could be a place to vent and get advice? A quick search seems to indicate BørneTelefonen is the Danish youth helpline, they might be able to help you better than us well-meaning random internet folks.