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NETFLIX’S alleged use of artificial intelligence to generate and manipulate images of Jennifer Pan in a recent documentary about her horrifying case is deeply concerning, the accused killer’s attorney says. Jennifer Pan was convicted in 2015 of paying three gunmen to kill her mom, Bich Ha Pan, and her father, Huei Hann Pan, during a bogus home invasion in Ontario, Canada, in November 2010.

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Jennifer’s mom was killed, but her father miraculously survived a gunshot wound to the face and later testified against his daughter at her trial. The twisted case, one of Canada’s most infamous true crime stories, recently received the Netflix treatment in the form of a 90-minute documentary, What Jennifer Did, which aired on the platform earlier this month.

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Jennifer was convicted of first-degree murder and attempted murder in 2015, along with three alleged co-conspirators. The killer quartet appealed their convictions, leading to new trials for the first-degree murder convictions. Jennifer maintains her innocence and seeks exoneration of all criminal charges, with ongoing legal battles in the appeals process.

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Jennifer remains incarcerated and faces parole eligibility in 2040. With the complex web of legal proceedings and ongoing appeals, the Supreme Court of Canada is set to weigh in on the case, offering potential new insights into Jennifer’s legal battle. The documentary controversy and legal challenges highlight the intricate nature of Jennifer Pan’s case and the evolving legal landscape surrounding it.

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