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Mass Arrests at Columbia University Support Protest for Gaza

Over 100 people, including Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter, were arrested and issued summonses for trespass after protesters set up an encampment at New York’s Columbia University in support of Gaza, according to police. The occupation on the university’s South Lawn lasted for 30 hours, leading to Mayor Eric Adams confirming the arrests on Thursday. Columbia requested NYPD assistance as students refused to leave and were suspended for violating university policies.

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Student Activist Defends Protest Actions

One of the arrested students, Isra Hirsi, a 21-year-old organizer advocating for Palestinians, expressed her solidarity by participating in the encampment. This marked her first encounter with punitive measures for her activism during her time at Barnard College. Hirsi and other demonstrators reiterated their determination to continue advocating for their cause despite the repercussions.

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Challenges Faced by Peaceful Protesters

While the arrested students maintained peaceful conduct during the protests, tensions escalated as surrounding students engaged in verbal confrontations. Despite the peaceful nature of the protests, the NYPD Commissioner highlighted the challenges faced by the protesters, including facing verbal attacks from other students.

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University Response and Student Suspensions

Columbia University president Nemat “Minouche” Shafik justified police intervention to clear the encampment, citing safety concerns and violations of university regulations. Barnard College also took disciplinary action against students involved in the protest, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for all community members.

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Political and legal Ramifications

As tensions over free speech and political expression intensify on college campuses, the aftermath of the Columbia University protests underscores broader debates on democratic rights and activism. Rep. Ilhan Omar and other political figures raise concerns about attacks on students’ democratic rights and the need to protect freedom of expression on campuses.

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