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## Situation: Neighbor Deliberately Severs Water Main and Cuts off Water Supply

We recently moved into our newly built house, completed late in 2023. Today, our neighbor was digging on his side of the boundary and intentionally severed our underground water main. As a result, they removed a roughly 600mm section of the pipe, causing water to gush out and completely cut off our house from the mains water supply. To prevent further damage, we had to turn off the isolator at the meter.

The neighbor also piled all the excavated soil on our property, adding insult to injury.

Our block has a complex boundary layout, with a short section of our main pipe mistakenly placed about 150mm on the wrong side of the boundary by our builder. While we will have the builder reposition the pipe entirely on our side, the question remains – is our neighbor within their rights to deliberately cut us off from the mains due to this minor encroachment? Given that we have young children and a reliable water supply is essential, this situation has put us in a critical position.

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For context, this neighbor has displayed hostility towards us since we purchased the property, with instances of theft and property damage during our construction. When confronted about the severed pipe, they showed indifference and simply walked away, demonstrating a lack of concern for the consequences of their actions.

We have filed a police report, but uncertainties remain about the outcome. Any advice or insights on how to address this situation would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Electronic-Fun1168

    Contact your water utility and ask

  • Longjumping_Win4291

    Report them to the water board, that will be an expensive lesson for them when it’s all sorted out. Also your house insurance they should be able to wade in to get service’s corrected. Call the emergency water board number as that was malicious damage.

  • Weary_Patience_7778

    I’d claim it on your insurance and let them deal with it.

    They can work out whether they want to recover any costs from your neighbour.

  • noplacecold

    What if you turn the water back on and flood their side of the property just to fuck with them a bit

  • mcgaffen

    I would think that it is against the law to cut someone’s house off the main water supply?

    If there was an easement, then the neighbour is not allowed to dig there.

    This neighbour sounds 100% awful.

    Why are they angry that a house is built on land that they don’t own?

  • Find_another_whey

    No it’s not legal to remove someone’s water supply on purpose and without warning

    Edit: would this apply?

  • Medical-Potato5920

    Check you title, you may be the beneficiary of an easement on their property for utilities. If so, your neighbour is in a world of trouble.

    You should be reporting the harassment to the police. If it is racially motivated, you should also be highlighting that.

    You can download a copy of your title online for a small fee from the Land Services SA website.

  • Muted_Coffee

    A Current Affair, serious, neighbour sounds like a flog.

    Secondly, i wonder if you can make an insurance claim and get them to chase up the neighbour?

  • ozgeek81

    Absolutely illegal. Contact your water company. Most will be run by the local council so just contact them. It is very illegal to even dig with out permission as you might damage underground piping or wiring that may belong to the council or governement.

  • GL_Koala

    Id be chasing down the builder to rectify it, its your word against your neighbours, im not sure how much responsibility they legally have over damage caused by your builders mistake. Obviously they dug it up but your builder should have rectified it when it became known.

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  • josh184927

    It was on their land and not noted in the plans or a separate contract? As in your builder went on their land and dug it up and laud piping and fencing? Everyone knows people come on here and lie to their own advantage but you are either the worst liar or tbe most naive person ever on this sub