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## Situation and Concerns

Hi there. I have a question about a situation with my child’s father that is causing me some concern. Without delving into the specific details, I’ll sum it up for you.

My child’s father has been persistently asking for my child’s Social Security Number (SSN). I previously did not have this information readily available due to a convoluted history (which I won’t get into), but he has requested it in the past for relief loans and now for disability assistance.

## Financial Support and History

I am under the impression that he is financially capable of providing court-ordered child support and contributing towards educational expenses, yet he continues to insist on obtaining my child’s SSN. Despite not fulfilling his financial obligations for an extended period, he seems insistent on acquiring this sensitive information.

## Safety and Distrust

Considering his track record of negligence and lack of positive involvement in our lives, I am hesitant to disclose such personal information. My reservations stem from a deep-rooted sense of mistrust and concern for the safety and well-being of my child. I do not feel comfortable entrusting him with this sensitive data.

## Seeking Clarity

I am reaching out for advice and clarification on whether his requests for the SSN are legitimate and the reasons behind his persistent demands. With a court-ordered birth certificate in his possession, it seems peculiar that he would require such additional personal information.

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