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# Seeking Advice on Harassing Phone Calls

Hi everyone, I apologize if this is not the appropriate forum for seeking advice, but I am in need of some guidance regarding a situation I am currently facing.

## Background Information

I am originally from Ontario, but I currently reside in and attend school in British Columbia. For the past few years, I have been receiving sporadic no caller ID phone calls, but recently, the frequency of these calls has significantly increased. These calls vary in nature – sometimes no one speaks on the other end, while other times, the caller says unsettling things (though nothing explicitly incriminating).

## Recent Incident

Just the other night, I received nearly a dozen phone calls within a span of 10 minutes. Upon answering the first call, the caller addressed me by name and mentioned other personal details about me, followed by the sound of laughter in the background. This incident has left me feeling quite unsettled, especially considering the escalation in the frequency of calls.

## Seeking Solutions

I am unsure of the appropriate steps to take in order to resolve this issue. While changing my phone number is an option, I would prefer not to take that route. Additionally, I am keen on identifying the individual behind these calls as they could potentially be classified as harassment. Given that I will be returning to Ontario for work in about a month, I am contemplating whether to seek assistance from law enforcement in British Columbia or wait until I am back in Ontario.

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Any advice or suggestions on how to handle this situation would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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  • Canuck647

    Not legal advise:

    It might be simple prank calls, but…

    Don’t answer unknown calls. If it’s a legitimate call (eg, from a doctor who wants his personal number kept private) they will leave a message. Most unknown callers are scammers. Just answering your phone confirms that your number is connected to a human. This increases the value of your number when scammers sell their calling lists to other scammers. Repeatedly answering calls even if the calls are nonsense increases the value of your number.

    If the call display shows just a phone number, it’s very likely a spoofed number. Scammers are typically on another continent, so local police won’t commit any time or resources investigating. You could still try reporting the calls, but be prepared for little more than a report being taken.

    Stop answering unknown calls and the pranksters/scammers will eventually move on. You can also see if your phone will allow you to block all unknown calls.

  • darthmastermind

    No one that is worth answering will call you with a blocked number. Some phones even have the option of auto blocking calls with no number.

    Yes this could be harassment but it is so easy to end on your side the police will not be of any help unless there is a threat to your personal safety. Sometimes not even then.

    Take your phone to a service provider like telus or rogers and ask them for help if you do not know how to block things like this, most workers will be more than happy to help you if you explain your story.

    It might be a good idea to also get a phone call recording app in case it escalates