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## Addressing the Scam Targeting my Parents’ Home

Recently, there have been groups of people showing up every day to my parents’ house with the intention of ‘buying a Samsung TV’. It has become a concerning situation as they are clearly not legitimate buyers but are attempting to scam unsuspecting individuals into making deposits to hold an item. This has been causing distress to my elderly parents, who live alone, as they are being disturbed at all hours of the day, including late at night.

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I have taken it upon myself to investigate the matter further by speaking to some of the buyers who have fallen victim to the scam. Through their shared information, such as the scammer’s Facebook profile, ad listings, and bank account details, I have discovered multiple identical marketplace listings under different accounts but with the same description. This suggests that the scam is orchestrated by the same individual.

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Furthermore, I have saved all the screenshots of the fraudulent activities and have also reported the matter to the police. However, the authorities have directed us to report the incident to a cyber-attack website. Despite putting up a sign to deter unwanted visitors and minimizing interactions, the scammer continues to persist and even instructs potential victims to knock on the door.

Based on my findings, I suspect that the scammer may be operating from Nairobi, Kenya. I have reported the suspicious account to Facebook, leading to some listings being taken down. However, the listing targeting my parents’ home address remains active.

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In conclusion, while I have taken various steps to address the scam targeting my parents’ home, I seek further guidance on what more can be done in this situation. Your insights and advice on additional measures to stop the unwanted visits and bring the scammer to justice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • throwmeaway11907

    Legally, there might not be much you can do, but if you have free time, you can harass the scammer by placing fake orders and creating multiple Facebook accounts. Eventually, they might change your address to someone else addresses as they realise it’s becoming too much hassle for them with you constantly bothering them.

    Gear up youself with 30 facebook accounts and have some fun.

  • FlinflanFluddle

    I would try a sign at the end of your parents driveway. ‘If you are here to pick up a Facebook purchase, this was a scam. We are not selling anything and do not have Facebook. Scammers are fraudulently using our address. Please contact (Police details) for confirmation. 

  • ethereumminor

    Buy several used Samsung tvs.

    Sell them


  • Creynov

    What does your sign say?

    If you tell the buyers the situation, try to get them to also report the seller. More reports, more chance of change.

  • 249592-82

    OP – Post the marketplace ad here. We can all start messaging them asking them many questions about the t.v.. I’ve got time to spare. Happy to waste theirs. There is also a reddit thread about scamming scammers. Post it there as well. Those guys are hilarious. I’ll search for the thread and post it here soon.

  • Levronshee

    I would write up a handwritten sign about this and put it in front of your parent’s door.

    Tell them an online scammer has been sending people to this address and that they need to contact the bank/police about it.

  • Sunshine-Biscuits

    I’ve reported like 5 or 6 Samsung scam tv ads this week, wonder if it’s the same.
    They all used a photo with a white tv unit. Seems like there’s been a heap over the past week or so.

  • kennyPowersNet

    This pisses me off , Facebook should be sued and fined .

    Unbelievable any other business but big tech facilitating scams and harassment would be out of business by now

  • Dumpling_senpai22

    I’m just curious, what digging around did you do to narrow it down that they are probably from

  • camb00sted

    this more or less happened to me a few months ago, i had a bunch of people report the account as fake and it stopped after 1-2 weeks

  • ShatterStorm76

    You could reach out to the bank, with a note that one of their customers is using an account in their institution to facilitate fraud/scams.

    It might slow the scammer down somewhat.

  • EliraeTheBow

    You need to report it via report cyber like the cops told you to do; this website was created to enable a nationwide response against online fraud. Everyone who is being scammed by this person should report there, that way the information can be collated. An analyst will try to work out where the scammer is most likely based and then refer it to the appropriate law enforcement agency for investigation.

    Ignoring the cops advice isn’t going to help you lol.

  • RedLeader7

    Can you put a pin on Google maps with ‘Facebook Scammer’ or something ? When people look up the address to see where it is, they will get your message

  • ShittyManifesto

    You could put up a sign. Also report scam profiles to Facebook. 

  • 10khours

    Is it possible to fully fence their property so that people cannot enter from the street without you buzzing them in? Would probably make this a lot less annoying for your parents

    Our neighbours have a setup like that.

  • yfby

    Make a Facebook marketplace ad for Samsung TV. Be brief. Mention scam. Possibly give suburb and even street name. You might save some people falling for it to begin with and therefore have fewer people get to your parents’ place to begin with.

  • 249592-82

    Find the ad on marketplace and report it as scam. If on your mobile, click the 3 dots, then there is an option called “report ad”.

  • Ambitious_Bee_4467

    I came across this a few times last week and the scammer once gave me a Salisbury address and another time a Parkside (in SA) address. Both were really insistent on paying a deposit to ‘hold’ the Samsung tv.

    They gave me bank details as well as someone’s ID, apparently the ‘wifes’ driver’s licence to try make it seem legit (I feel like the ID may have been stolen).

    As I realised this was dodgy, I went along with it and faked screenshots pretending to have paid the deposit… then I insisted to come pick up the tv now and pay the rest in cash. They kinda just ignored me after that.

  • SCova1999

    Maybe get a ring camera or similar so when people approach you can talk to them? (If you’re available at that time)

  • Passtheshavingcream

    Probably money launders trying to verify the fides of their database entries. Nothing unusual since Australia has done very little to stop this.

  • Ok-Door-2837

    Put note on door summarising info u have here. Won’t stop people from rocking up. Will hopefully stop people from knocking