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## Difficult Situation with Abusive Ex and FVIVO Order

My ex-partner has been engaging in extremely abusive behavior towards me, leading me to obtain a Family Violence Intervention Order (FVIVO) against him. This order is a comprehensive no-contact directive with no exceptions.

Despite the legal restrictions, he has violated his bail conditions by making contact from within the courtroom itself. Additionally, he has defiantly breached the final order not once, but twice within a mere 10-minute span.

The situation has intensified as he continuously drives past my residence on a daily basis, creating a sense of ongoing fear and unease.

Moreover, he has resorted to involving innocent individuals in his vendetta against me by coercing his new girlfriend’s daughter, who is in year 9, to harass our daughter at her primary school (grade 5) and our son at his school in year 8. This persistent harassment is deeply concerning and threatens the safety and well-being of my children.

Furthermore, he has resorted to sending his mother to my home on multiple occasions as a means of intimidation and harassment. Additionally, he has been dropping unwanted and unsettling items in my letterbox, further exacerbating the distressing situation.

To address the escalating threats and harassment, I have diligently documented these instances with the help of my home security system and reported each incident to the authorities.

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  • Particular-Try5584

    Write a list of the offences, wander down to your police station and ask them to deal with it.
    Talk to your daughter’s primary school and explain the issues and ask for them to enact a protection order. Why is a Year 9 able to walk into the grounds of a primary school anyway?

    Give the unaddressed mail to the police as part of your complaint. Apply to court to extend the RO to his mother, girlfriend, girlfriend’s kids etc – this gets you back in front of court multiple times forcing the situation into the court’s light/view. Have the school confirm that they Year 9 has been on primary school grounds to prove it.

    Get a recording door bell and have its area of coverage include your letterbox, door, etc. Record that shit.

    Talk to 1800RESPECT urgently, before EVERYTHING, like… tonight. And discuss safety plans and how to be safe – it’s clear your ex is cycling up and you should discuss options with people who have the knowledge to step you through a plan that works for you personally.

  • Substantial_Ad_3386

    I’ve been supporting a friend through something similar. The majority of police are useless in these matters but there is the odd good one. Insist on speaking with DV Liasson officer

  • evangelista_smile

    Definitely keep reporting everything to police and keep whatever evidence to support your statements, very sorry you are going through this 🙁

    If youre feeling unsafe in your home is there a friend or family member you could reach out to that he wouldn’t know their address and stay with them for a little bit? Alternatively, you could call safe steps, orange door, or 1800 RESPECT.

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  • doughnutislife

    If you think there’s a breach, you report it and make a statement to police on each occasion, and provide any evidence you have.

    Keeping a diary of all the small events helps.

    They conduct an investigation from there.