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# China’s Real Estate Market Continues to Struggle

## Overview of the Situation
(Bloomberg) — China’s home sales slump persisted in March, indicating that a much-awaited recovery for the sector is still distant. The value of new home sales from the 100 biggest real estate companies dropped by about 46% year-on-year to 358 billion yuan ($49.6 billion) in March, following a 60% decline in February, as per preliminary data from China Real Estate Information Corp.

## Impact on Builders and Banks
China’s prolonged property sales slowdown has had a detrimental effect on many of the nation’s major builders, while also eroding the balance sheets of the largest state-owned banks due to increasing bad loans. In response, Beijing has tasked banks with aiding the domestic economy and supporting debt-heavy developers.

## Companies Feeling the Strain
Country Garden Holdings Co., a prominent player in the residential sector, recently announced that it will miss a deadline for reporting annual results. China Vanke Co., formerly the biggest listed developer, reported a 46% decline in net income last year, surpassing analyst expectations.

## Future Outlook
While March typically sees a surge in home sales, they were still below the monthly average in the latter part of last year, according to CRIC. The housing market is not expected to pick up soon, keeping developers’ contract sales under pressure. CRIC predicts that April’s sales will remain stable or see a slight increase from March.

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## Market Response
An index tracking major developer shares on the mainland rose by up to 1.6% on Monday morning, although the Hong Kong stock exchange was closed for a holiday. Fitch Ratings downgrading the credit rating of several builders, including Vanke and Longfor Group Holdings Ltd., into junk territory due to the weakness in the property market.

## Revised Forecasts
Fitch Ratings has revised its forecasts for the housing market, now expecting a 5%-10% decrease in new home sales this year due to weaker home-buying demand. This is a shift from their previous estimate of a 0%-5% decline.

## Conclusion
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