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# Summary of Events (will take 40 mins to read)

## Context and Background
I am a lay person who independently navigated the justice system due to my inability to afford legal representation. Please consider this while reading the following account. I raised this matter in good faith to the courts and did my best to represent myself accurately.

### Employment History
1. I worked as an agency admin assistant for multiple clients in 2018.
2. In 2018, I took on a non-admin contract with one of the agency’s clients to broker deals.
3. I was transparent about this arrangement with all parties involved.
4. By 2019, I had secured my own clients and left the agency to pursue more lucrative opportunities, ending all previous contracts.
5. In 2021, the same client approached me for direct freelance work on a zero-hours contract.
6. Shortly after parting ways in 2018, I discovered that a deal I brokered had resulted in a six-figure sum owed to me per our agreement.

### Legal Dispute
7. Despite the contract stipulating payment, the client refused to pay upon receipt of the invoice, later revealing involvement in a phoenix company scam.
8. The client had a history of forming new entities to avoid debts, with evidence showing misappropriation of funds for personal gain and evasion of tax responsibilities.
9. I took the matter to small claims court, citing breach of contract and company liability as the main arguments.

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### Court Proceedings
10. Initial attempts to secure payment through the court system resulted in a confusing legal process.
11. The judge initially ruled in my favor but later reversed the decision on a technicality, despite clear evidence of deceitful behavior from the defendant.
12. The inability to afford legal representation hindered my ability to appeal the decision, leading to a sense of disillusionment with the judicial system.

### Current Situation
13. The defendant’s continued lavish lifestyle contrasts with his declared insolvency, raising questions about financial misconduct and potential criminal violations.
14. The involvement of an insolvency practitioner seeking reimbursement from the defendant’s other companies echoes the challenges faced in the past legal proceedings.

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### Seeking Advice and Assistance
15. Despite the defendant’s ongoing fraudulent activities, regulatory bodies and creditors seem indifferent to his actions, leaving me with unanswered questions.
16. The complexity of the situation, including the lack of preferential creditor status, poses challenges in recovering the owed funds.

### Conclusion and Request for Help
17. The adverse experience with the second judge and financial constraints have deterred further legal action, leaving me uncertain about pursuing the debt recovery.
18. Seeking advice on potential alternatives or avenues to retrieve the owed £6,000 remains a priority.

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