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## Exploring Uncommon and Budget-Friendly Hobbies

Are you tired of the same old routine and looking for unique hobbies that won’t burn a hole in your pocket? Besides the conventional options like going to the library or the park, there are plenty of lesser-known activities you can explore. These hobbies not only offer a fresh perspective but also provide a creative outlet without breaking the bank.

### Bird Watching
Discover the tranquil world of bird watching, where you can observe and identify various bird species in their natural habitat. All you need is a pair of binoculars, a field guide, and a peaceful outdoor spot to start this rewarding hobby. It’s a great way to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of our feathered friends.

### Geocaching
Join the modern-day treasure hunt known as geocaching, where participants use GPS coordinates to search for hidden containers or “caches” in different locations. It’s a fun and adventurous activity that can take you to exciting places and challenge your navigation skills. Best of all, it’s a cost-effective way to explore new areas and engage in a global scavenger hunt.

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  • thewokestlocust

    Geocaching! Cheap and lots of fun. Just don’t get spotted by muggles.

  • StormSafe2

    Juggling. After you buy 3 balls (very cheap), you can learn enough  stuff to entertain you for months. Throw in a 4th ball and you can learn for months further. If you care to spend  another $100, learning clubs is even more fun.

     Playing video games. The one off set  up costs are large – possibly $600-$1000, but after that it is incredibly cheap entertainment for years.  

     Crochet. Basically  free.  

     Walking. Free.  

     Meditating. Free.  

     Body weight fitness. Free.  

     Dumbbell weights. $50 for a set of dumbbells. Then free.  

     Guitar. After the purchase of a guitar, it is basically free. And there are cheap guitars out there. 

  • Moaning-Squirtle

    Bargain hunting lol

  • Open_Address_2805

    Jerking off

  • Status-Inevitable-36

    Growing succulents. One plant has many potential offspring. They grow from one leaf too.

  • jemesboonels

    Buy a cheap gold panning kit and go clinically insane looking for gold, let the gold consume you

  • Tommyaka


    I can vouch for the Australian Red Cross and State Emergency Service. They’re great organisations that help people in need.

    I’ve been volunteering for almost a year and I see it as an escape from work/life in general and a way to give back to the community.

  • suspendedanvil

    Drawing, all you need is a pencil and some paper.

  • inceltistos

    most of these suggestions are not uncommon and/or budget friendly lol

  • yum4yum4

    Gaming. Endless hours of entertainment and can be done with friends. Both board gaming and electronic gaming

  • PatientWillow4


    I bought 2x sets of around 100 different colours of floss for $20 at the start of covid and have yet to finish 1 entire floss of colour. 1 standard hoop which you can reuse for projects is around $5-$8. 1m of fabric will last you a fair few projects and is around $5 at Lincraft when you are a member. Pack of sewing needles <$5.

    It’s one of those hobbies which can take hours and hours to finish 1 project. Plenty of online tutorials available for free as well. Great bang for your buck!

  • ausdoug

    Fishing can be cheap, just grab a $20 starter kit from Kmart or similar and you can give it a go. Of course you can spend thousands, but there’s an old saying that the fish doesn’t know what’s on the other end of the line.

    Patient Gaming is good, you don’t need a powerful machine to play games from 10 years ago, and a cheap second hand console or one of those things with hundreds of old games built in can be pretty good 👍

  • Anachronism59

    Bird watching. Quite good binoculars for $400 that will last at least a decade, and no real additional expense other than travel.

  • AussieKoala-2795


  • pichuru

    it’s fairy cheap to start knitting and crochet. you can get started with needles and yarn for less than $20 and you can make things you can actually wear, gift and use.

    there’s also cross stitch and embroidery kits you can get for around $20-30

    another fun thing I did for a bit was going thrifting and finding jigsaw puzzles to do. I always seem to find them, probably due to people getting rid of them post lockdown. they’re usually between $5-10 and you can donate them back when you’re done.

  • JesusKeyboard

    Sailing. People with boats always need crew. Rock up on race day, they will take you out, and teach you fir free. 

  • PlushPaddy

    Become a fungi nerd. If you live near woods or forest, go fungi spotting with your phone camera and an ID flipbook. Lots to discover and learn, all while getting a nice dose of nature, exercise and fresh air.

  • iFartThereforeiAm

    Not really uncommon, but homebrewing can be as budget as you want it to be, might even save some cash on booze depending on how far down the rabbit hole. Plenty of good community support out there too.

  • can_of_unicorns

    Bullet journalling , scrap booking, trains potting, semi competitive Frisbee, toy voyaging or plushie instagram (yes people take pics of plush toys doing daily or cute activities), getting really into bodyweights/ flexibility

  • hannahlem0n

    Rollerskating/blading – grab a pair of skates secondhand and find a park/court to skate for free and you won’t need to pay a cent from then on if you choose!

  • Strongb0i

    Tabletop gaming, eg. DnD.

    If you exercise self control, your costs will be the price of one set of dice (~$10) and some pencils and paper.

    Of course, with any hobby, these expenses will soon turn into multiple sets of dice because they are shiny, figures, paints, books, a custom gaming table etc… but at the end of the day it’s just as fine with a set of dice each and your imaginations

    Also great social skills, mathematics, and problem solving skills for youngsters. Would be great to play as a family.

    Additionally – reading. Support your local library!

  • TickleMittz

    Reading, gaming, hiking, chess, geocaching, body weight exercises, calisthenics at outdoor parks, jogging, just to name a few.

  • Death2Coriander

    Yoga. I have my mat, bolster, blocks and YouTube in my living room. I love Devidaly yoga!

  • misterschrodinger

    Any musical instrument. I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 16 (now 36), it is free entertainment forever after paying the upfront cost. There will be some regular maintenance and/or set-up depending on how much you play it, but it shouldn’t cost more than $100 a year. You save even more if you learn to do it yourself rather than sending it to a luthier (might have to purchase some special tools though), buy coated strings in bulk and you’re set for months or years. Plus, you get to be creative!

  • GeneralGrueso

    Bird watching