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## Understanding the Situation: Considering a Property Purchase

We have been approved for up to $1.05 million and are currently looking at a property that we are considering purchasing. The property in question is our current rental, which comprises a 273 sqm freehold land with a 163 sqm standalone house that was built in 2019.

## Property Evaluation and Market Analysis

The landlord acquired the property for $960k in 2021, and its current valuation falls between $1-1.1 million. We are interested in determining a reasonable starting offer for the property, assuming the landlord is open to selling. The current Capital Value (CV) stands at $1.125 million, and the property had tenants from 2021 to 2023 before we moved in a year ago.

## Seeking Strategic Advice

In light of the fluctuating real estate market conditions, we seek guidance on how to arrive at a fair and reasonable offer for the property. It is worth noting that houses in our suburbs have been selling for approximately 20% below the asking price in the last 12 months.

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  • -alldayallnight-

    Best way to price is based on sales in the area. Get all the sales in what you deem a comparable area over the last say 6 months. Collate it in excel including price, date of sale, house size, land size, sale price against CV, etc and basically try to find a price that makes sense to you on these factors.

  • ravingwanderer

    Remember to consider the savings made by the vendor by not going through an agent

  • False_Replacement_78

    Wasn’t ’21 the peak?

    How’s it valued at 1.1 now?

  • toehill

    Get it valued?

  • Subwaynzz

    Just because you’ve got pre approval doesn’t mean your landlord wants to sell theirs. Don’t be shocked if they aren’t interested in your offer. Although given what you’ve described there should be plenty of others similar in the market for you to choose from.

  • clevercookie69

    As soon as you approach the landlord with an offer to buy the property they are going to want top dollar for it and just piss you about.

    Just look for houses that are already on the market

  • drellynz

    Many houses sold in 2021 are going well under the previous sale price. I heard about a recent sale where they dropped nearly $300k.

  • Own_Ad6797

    While not 100% accurate using will give you a ballpark number

  • talkshitnow

    960. What they paid for it. They want out. Or go round low balling everything

  • Jonnonation

    I was very impressed with the Valocity evaluation provided to us for free by kiwibank. When we got our pre-approval, it was only 2k more than what we actually paid for the house.

  • rocketshipkiwi

    How much is it rented for at the moment?

  • jdorjay

    Feel free to send me the link, I’ll check out roughly what the banks value it at. Iv been a home lender for around 10 years I’m happy to give you my opinion as well. Cheers

  • user8293540

    IMO most sellers will consider just over the CV and most buyers want under CV for a “good deal”. The real value is another number however along with what other houses sold for. This is what I have seen from history, I’m not I the industry, just like watching