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One common question that military service members may have is whether they can receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) if their spouse lives outside of the country. This can be a complex issue with various factors to consider.

BAH for Military Service Members

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is provided to military service members to help offset the cost of housing when they are not living in government-provided housing. The amount of BAH is based on the member’s rank, location, and dependents.

Effects of Spouse Living Outside of Country

When a military service member’s spouse lives outside of the country, it can impact their BAH eligibility. In general, BAH is intended to help cover the cost of housing for the service member and their dependents. If the spouse is not living with the service member, they may not be considered a dependent for BAH purposes.

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In conclusion, receiving BAH when a spouse lives outside of the country can be a complicated matter. Military service members are advised to consult with their legal assistance office or use resources like the AI Legalese Decoder to better understand their rights and options in this situation. By staying informed and seeking appropriate guidance, service members can ensure they are receiving the benefits they are entitled to.

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  • EWCM

    Yes. In most cases, BAH would be for your duty station regardless of where your spouse lives. If you have unaccompanied orders outside the Continental US, you would get OHA for the spouse’s location if you have a lease or have purchased a home there. If you’re just joining, BAH would be based on your training location until you get to your first duty station. 

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