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### Situation Overview

I have previously discussed the destruction of my landscaping, and the situation has now escalated. I have meticulously documented every interaction that has occurred.

### Details of the Issue

The landlord who owns the property adjacent to mine recently had two trees cut down. One of the trees fell during a storm a year ago, causing significant damage to my yard. The second tree, although smaller, was also affected by the first tree’s fall. The individuals hired by the landlord to remove the trees also ended up damaging a portion of my mature landscaping while accessing the fence where the trees were located. Initially, the landlord took responsibility for the damage to my landscaping and offered to cover the cost of replacing the plants. However, after providing a quote for the replacement costs amounting to $730, the landlord backtracked and claimed that he had already spent $1500 on tree removal. He then stated that I owed him money for the tree removal expenses, arguing that the trees had encroached into the fence.

### Legal Analysis and AI Legalese Decoder Assistance

Based on the information provided, it seems unlikely that I hold any responsibility for the trees or the associated costs. There was no formal agreement, written or verbal, that I would contribute to the tree removal expenses. Additionally, the fence in question is situated directly on the property boundary according to the landlord’s claims, which is in accordance with city regulations. The roots of the larger tree, which were on my side, have already been removed by the landlord. The smaller tree’s roots only encroached about 2 inches above ground and under the fence.

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  • SkiG13

    He cut the tree down that’s his problem. You might be able to take him to small claims court to get the money for replacements, make sure you have the paperwork with the quote.

  • TEverettReynolds

    > The people hired by landlord ended up cutting down a corner of very mature landscaping in the name of accessing the fence that trees grew into/next to. Landlord took responsibility for my landscaping and offered to pay to replace my plants. Total quote for replacements was $730. He backtracked

    Did you give the workers permission to cut your bush? If not, you may have to sue the LL in civil court. It was the workers he hired who damaged your property. Surely there was a more expensive way to deal with the tree without destroying your property.

    That said, the shared fence on the property line was a shared responsibility. But his tree growing through the fence might just negate that shared cost.

  • SailorSpyro

    They were his trees. Maintaining them was his responsibility, and any damage they caused was his responsibility. He also hired someone to remove them without having a conversation with you first. You definitely don’t owe him anything, and you would have a case against him because he had your property removed without permission. It’s probably not worth it to go after him for the bushes though. Just ignore him and don’t pay anything.

  • Trepenwitz

    I’ll just add you should find out if the landscapers are licensed and bonded. If bonded, you can potentially go after them for the $730.

  • igorsMstrss

    You are not responsible for the property in that way.