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## Situation Overview

Good evening everyone, ( Sorry for this lengthy message, thanks for taking the time to read it in advance).

Earlier today, my mom heard a loud bang in the toilet only to find that the toilet water tank had fallen off the wall and smashed into pieces, causing damage to the property.

The landlord visited the property 20 minutes later and insinuated that the damage could have been caused by someone intentionally pulling the tank off the wall, which seems unlikely and unreasonable.

## AI Legalese Decoder Assistance

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## Current Situation

After the incident, the landlord mentioned that repairs would be arranged for Monday, but later, my mom received a message from the landlord’s wife instructing to contact the insurance company immediately. However, my mom had canceled the insurance years ago, as it was viewed as an unnecessary expense.

The landlord then referenced a clause in the contract regarding insurance requirements, stating that my mom should have adequate insurance to protect against accidental damage caused by tenants. This raises the question of liability for the damage and whether my mom is obligated to pay for the repairs.

## Contractual Considerations

The contract clause in question requires tenants to have adequate insurance to cover accidental damage to property fixtures during the tenancy. However, the circumstances of the toilet tank incident indicate that the damage was not caused by any intentional act by the tenants.

Additionally, there are questions about the validity of the existing contract, as it expired in 2016 and no new contract has been provided since then. This raises concerns about the enforceability of the insurance requirement mentioned in the outdated contract.

## Seeking Resolution

In light of these circumstances, it is important to clarify the responsibilities and obligations outlined in the contract and assess the validity of any insurance requirements. Legal advice may be necessary to understand the rights and options available in challenging the landlord’s demands for payment.

For further assistance in navigating the legal aspects of this situation and determining the best course of action, consider reaching out to legal professionals or utilizing tools like the AI Legalese Decoder to decode and interpret the contractual terms effectively.

Feel free to provide additional information as needed and thank you in advance for any advice and guidance offered in this matter.

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In summary, the toilet basin broke, leading to a dispute with the landlord over payment for repairs due to the absence of insurance coverage as per the contract terms.

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