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## Work Stoppage at The GRID in Downtown Mesa

Work has once again come to a halt at The GRID in downtown Mesa, a prominent apartment and commercial development adjacent to Benedictine University on Main Street. The developer, Palladium Enterprises, entered into an agreement with Mesa in 2017 to construct the project on city-owned land.

Under this agreement, Palladium was supposed to lease 3.3 acres of land from Mesa for 50 years, with the city receiving lease payments. However, due to delays and financial issues, work on the project has faced multiple setbacks, with the latest stoppage occurring in January.

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## Impact of Work Stoppage on Subcontractors

Two subcontractors who worked on The GRID are facing severe financial strain due to non-payment for their services. Reyes Garza of Kings Mechanical and Cassandra Olivarez of Joe Lopez LLC are owed substantial amounts by Palladium, causing significant challenges for their respective businesses.

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## Ripple Effects of Payment and Work Stoppage

The repercussions of the payment and work stoppage extend beyond financial losses, impacting the future viability of small businesses like Joe Lopez LLC. Cassandra Olivarez highlighted the distressing situation faced by her company, emphasizing the urgent need for resolution and safeguards to secure their business’s continuity.

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