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Recent Burglaries in Eagle Rock Leave Business Owners Shaken

A burglar wreaked havoc on three small businesses in Eagle Rock overnight, leaving local business owners on edge as law enforcement race to apprehend the culprit.

Surveillance footage captured a brazen man breaking into the Cheebo restaurant on Colorado Boulevard around 4 a.m. Sunday. In a calculated move, the burglar swiftly targeted the cash register before making a quick exit, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

George Tripodakis, the general manager of the American restaurant, expressed his concern over how the burglar seemed well-versed in the layout of the establishment. “What’s troubling is that he seemed to know exactly where the till was located. It’s evident that this was not a random act but a meticulously planned burglary,” Tripodakis noted.

Furthermore, Tripodakis strongly believes that the same individual is responsible for similar break-ins at Loop Espresso Club and Chateau Lemongrass in the vicinity. The burglar’s audacious actions have not only caused financial losses to the targeted businesses but also instilled fear among the local business community.

Local resident Michael Nogueira pointed out a worrying pattern in these incidents, noting that the burglaries coincided with adverse weather conditions. “It’s alarming to see these burglaries happening during heavy rainfall, and it’s disheartening that these hardships are faced by small businesses rather than large corporations,” Nogueira remarked.

The investigation into these incidents is ongoing, and authorities urge anyone with pertinent information to contact the Los Angeles Police Department’s Northeast station at 323-561-3211.

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