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# What questions can my husband expect in his upcoming SSDI phone interview?

My husband is scheduled to have his first SSDI phone interview in just a few days, and he is feeling apprehensive about what types of questions the representative will ask him. He wants to be as prepared as possible and ensure he provides all the necessary information to support his disability claim.

During the initial phone call/interview, the representative may inquire about the details of his medical condition, how it impacts his daily life and ability to work, any treatments he has received, and his work history. They may also ask about any previous attempts to apply for disability benefits and the reasons for those applications being denied, if applicable.

To handle the interview effectively, it would be beneficial for my husband to gather all relevant documents and information beforehand, such as medical records, employment history, and any supporting documents for his disability claim. He should also be prepared to discuss his limitations and challenges in detail, providing specific examples to demonstrate the extent of his disability.

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The AI Legalese Decoder can analyze his medical records and identify key information that should be highlighted during the phone interview. It can also provide guidance on how to effectively communicate his disability and limitations to the representative, ensuring that he presents a compelling case for SSDI benefits.

Overall, by utilizing AI Legalese Decoder, my husband can feel more confident and prepared for his upcoming phone interview, knowing that he has the necessary tools and support to navigate the SSDI application process successfully.

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  • MrsFlameThrower

    Retired Social Security Claims Specialist here:
    Look up the SSA-16 and the SSA-3368. Those will be the questions.

  • Used-Inspection-1774

    My phone interview was the exact same questions I answered on the paperwork I sent in. What is my disability & doctor info, their phone numbers, etc.

  • Helpful-Profession88

    His work history may be asked about, activities related to it, how long the activities were done… weights, repetitiveness, lengths of time done, job skills, education level and more.  Might even ask about bank info too.

  • That_Smoke8260

    All I remember for mine is I told the truth of my condition I answered all the questions but one I couldn’t remember the last time I was in the hospital

  • practical_disaster_

    It felt like they covered any questions u would ever think of. Honestly! Mine took an hour for my minor child.

  • EasyBriese

    Don’t spell anything unless they ask you to. My lady yelled at me for spelling my mother’s maiden name. 😂

  • rogerdanafox

    How much can you lift?
    Before your disability how much could you lift