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## Elderly Neighbor Damaged My Car: Seeking Legal Advice

Recently, my elderly neighbor has deliberately damaged the wing mirror on my car by using her bin. My wife and I witnessed this act through the window. This incident took place while my car was parked on a shared driveway, leaving at least a 5ft gap for passage. This is not the first time she has caused damage to my cars, as this is the second occurrence. The first time this happened, I was unaware and chose to overlook it. However, this time, I confronted her about the damage, and she admitted to it but adamantly refused to take responsibility and pay for the repairs.

I am now faced with a dilemma as to where I legally stand in this situation. The repair cost for the damaged wing mirror is estimated to be around £300, which is my insurance excess. I am unsure of how to proceed in getting her to compensate for the damage without the risk of being falsely accused of harassment.

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  • LazyWash

    Report it to the police. If it’s on purpose or she is reckless to it, it’s criminal damage. Even without CCTV, a statement is still evidence.

  • warlord2000ad


    You could go via your insurance if you have proof, written it video proof that she admitted it. And the excess cost will be claimed back from them if you win the claim.

    You could claim against them yourself, letter before action, then MCOL to sue in court for damages. Again, you’ll need proof to support your claim.

  • Ambitious-Border-906

    You say she did it deliberately, how?

    If she rammed the bin into the wing mirror and you have proof of her admitting responsibility, I’d go to the Police: criminal damage.

    If she knocked into it with the bin, reckless doesn’t mean accidental.

    Equally, you could get it repaired yourself and take her to the small claims court.