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### Situation Overview

I am facing a dilemma regarding my Superfund account with my previous employer. They have only made one payment towards my super since I started working with them in June 2023. The company unexpectedly closed down in February 2024, leaving me uncertain about whether they should have paid my super contributions for the period between November 2023 and February 2024.

### Concerns and Queries

As a casual worker, I understand that I am entitled to only the payment for the last week worked, which they have already paid. However, I am now questioning if they are still obligated to make the super payments for the previous months, despite going out of business.

### Possible Solutions with AI Legalese Decoder

The AI Legalese Decoder can help in understanding the legal implications of this situation. By using advanced artificial intelligence technology, it can analyze the relevant laws and regulations to determine if your former employer is legally bound to make the outstanding super contributions. Additionally, it can provide guidance on the next steps to take, such as contacting the appropriate authorities or seeking legal recourse.

### Final Thoughts

Based on the information provided, it seems like there may be a valid case for you to pursue further action to recover the unpaid super contributions. Considering the discrepancy between the amount listed on your last payslip and the actual payment made, it is crucial to seek clarity and resolution on this matter. Utilizing the AI Legalese Decoder can simplify the process and offer insights into your rights and options.

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  • GinnyMcGinface77

    So you were due Super on 28/1 and you are due Super on 28/4.

    It’s due a month after the quarter ends. You can report the non-payment of first quarter to the ATO but the second amount isn’t technically due yet.

  • Mfaul27

    You were due Super July 23, Oct 23, Jan 24 & Apr 24.
    Oct23 was late and the others are late except for April since not due yet. You can file a claim for late/non payment of super through the ATO

  • TitanGodKing

    Was this a gym in bondi by any chance???

  • Alone_Cash_8113

    That sucks at least it is only 9 months I know people that are owed over 2 years worth

    I hope you get your money underpaying or not paying entitlements should he a criminal offence that has some form of jail time