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## Legal Situation Involving Child Support and Custody Arrangement

Hello everyone, my husband has a court hearing soon to get legitimized. The other parent has signed the paperwork agreeing with him to get legitimized, and we have been doing joint 50/50 custody with the other parent for over a year now. My husband has been paying her child support for years now, even while doing joint 50/50 custody, on top of paying for his child’s health insurance, phone bill, and other expenses.

With the upcoming court hearing, we are hoping for a favorable outcome for child support, considering the shared custody arrangement and the financial support my husband has been providing. We are wondering if there is a chance that he will get off child support or have it reduced once the judge is made aware of the joint custody situation and the extent of my husband’s financial contributions.

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  • EndlessCrisis

    The parent who makes more in 50/50 will still have to pay

  • Acceptable_Branch588

    How was he ordered child support but not have paternity established?
    If child support was ordered he needs to petition for a modification

  • AudreyTwoToo

    He should get credit for health insurance. A cell phone is a luxury and will not likely get credit for that. Is he paying child support because he is ordered to?

  • No-Conversation6306

    It’s very possible to be taken off child support if you can prove 50/50 & he still maintains health insurance. They will try to keep him on it, but he needs to speak up. They tried putting my BD on child support at minimum wage since we were doing 50/50 and I said no so he just pays their health insurance.

  • OhMyMuffy

    If the amount he’s paying is based on their original custody order (or lack of one), it may be possible to change it now. I’d think he would first have to modify the custody order to show 50/50. Then his child support would be based on that. He could still pay even with 50/50 custody, but it might be less than he was paying.

    I think he’s probably going to have to handle that separately though. I doubt a judge would modify custody at the same time as the legitimation with nothing filed before hand. Does your husband have an attorney? If so, he should definitely ask them about this.