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Feeling Homesick in Perth

After spending 8 long years in Perth, the heat and distance from family have become unbearable for me. The longing to return home to Christchurch has been growing stronger each day. However, the thought of facing the daunting task of securing a job and a house in Christchurch is deterring me from taking the leap. The recent changes happening in the city only add to my apprehension.

Despite the challenges ahead, my husband’s occupation in IT and my background in Horticulture/Landscape Design give us hope for a smooth transition. We currently have only a mortgage on our home, with a significant equity value. While we are prepared for a drop in income, the thought of job scarcity is a major concern for us.

Considering the uncertainties that lie ahead, the AI Legalese Decoder can be a valuable tool in navigating the legal terms and requirements involved in securing a job and housing in Christchurch. By utilizing its capabilities, we can decipher complex legal documents and agreements, ensuring a smoother transition back to our hometown.

Any insights from individuals currently residing in Christchurch would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your input!

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  • Tygertyger111

    Things I hear from recruiters and others are hang in till mid 2025. Again everything depends on individual circumstances

  • schist_faced

    Anecdotally, I’m looking for a new job right about now, mid senior management in a fairly recession proof sector.

    This time last year when I was job hunting, recruiters were cold-messaging on LinkedIn within days of putting myself open-to-work; had multiple interviews, and turned a few roles down (mistake in hindsight, the role I accepted is a shitshow).

    This time I’ve had no cold-messages; no response to most applications; and one interview, mostly because I know the recruiter, and even he’s saying he’s had 10x the applicants for the role than he’d normally expect.

    The jobseeker market is bursting at the seams, with redundant and soon-to-be-redundant public servants; private sector middle management is looking to jump before being pushed, all applying for jobs they normally wouldn’t.

    If you can land a safe job (not government, not hospo, not new build construction), you’ll be fine, but try to secure it before coming, as you may end up in the WINZ Thursday arvo lineup.

  • Scotsman34

    Agree with this I’m hearing early 2026 for things to be on the up, massive amount of new people are coming out of govt and are going to be competing in a shrinking private job market. Given the benefits of Australian super and higher salaries, if you can handle it I would consider staying put in Australia for another 18 or so months. Long term just the super contributions and compounding alone would help in later life. I totally get it, the heat in Perth is lung burning some days and being close to family is a strong pull. Maybe move to the east coast so it’s not so hot and you are closer to family???

  • MentalDrummer

    Honestly have you thought about a career change? Plenty of farm work down there. You get a house, cheap rent and end up taking home way more money than if you rented a place in town.

  • EffektieweEffie

    The job market is certainly not as great as before, but there are still lots of companies hiring, there is just much more competition. If jobs are your main concern, try to get a job first before moving so you have that security.

    Housing in Chch is still more affordable compared to other main centers and most of the NI.

  • forgothis

    You could apply for jobs before you move and only move once the jobs are secured.

  • MrPushaNZ

    Coming back would be a mistake 

  • Downtown_Boot_3486

    Hard to tell at the moment, but I believe you’d likely be ok by next year. A large portion of the current job losses happening are centered around the government and Wellington, Christchurch still feels it but not nearly as much.

  • Gladmundi2023

    Short answer, yes. Maybe just hang in there…

  • Sholeawa

    Contact some of the Chch based IT Recruiters (TalentHive, XO Recruitment, etc) they’ll be able to give your husband sound advice.

    As for Landscape Design, where the economy is right now, Canterbury may not be the right place for this sort of role, but depending on crossover skills you have, you would still likely be able to pick up a role for a business such as City Care, GSL, Corde, etc but may see you more working to ensure maintenance and upkeep as opposed to actual design.

    Honest answer would be handle the heat for another 6-8 months and re-look at your plans to return. Chch is the city of Tenders right now, not the city of working projects so a lot of companies are trying to maintain their workforces as opposed to add to it.

  • r_costa

    Not the best time at all.

    Maybe change regions inside AUS?

  • kevlarcoated

    At least one of you should find a job first. It should be easy enough to find IT jobs from there and it will give you a decent idea how much you’re likely to earn

  • fatbellyfrog

    For what its worth, heres my perspective from a mid 50’s Engineer.

    We sold up our house in Perth and came back to NZ 3 years ago, now looking at going back. I can earn 2x to 2.5 more than here with 11% superannuation on top, thats just working in the City. I am in in my later stages of my career so now thinking 5 years to cash up.

    Perth house prices are predicted to go up another 30% over next 3 years, Will Christchurch match that? So it’s not just wages to take into consideration, it’s capital growth, Super, health care etc. Maybe hold on to your Perth Property. I regret selling ours it’s gone nuts over there in the 3 years we have been back.

    I have been actively looking for work in Central NI, NZ as Project/Structural engineer/manager in heavy industry/renewable for last 4 months but havnt been getting anywhere with agencies. I reached out to a Perth Agent last month and have had a short term WFH gig offer within a few days, that will lead to longer term work in Perth.

    I love been home and the easy access to the outdoors, fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping, but you have to be earning good money to fully enjoy it. Plus I have 3 kids in early 20s that I would like to be in a position to help out with Uni and potentially in this now crazy housing market. Perth wages will allow this, along with more travel, more money to invest and more super stacked away, privatevhealth care and better job growth and even progression for an old bugger.

    Totally understand the pull home, Perth is hot, windy, dry and isolated but there’s beautiful places there to explore (big drives) and the aquatic life style is pretty hard to beat. NZ will be nicer for your horse riding year round.

  • MaintenanceFun404

    What about the Melbourne?

  • Subwaynzz

    The heat? Perth doesn’t sound all that bad, 30 ish summer, 20ish winter. If anything it would just be a milder winter than chch.

  • GloriousSteinem

    Yes. Inflation won’t start to lower until next year, housing market may be slowing, so prices may be down then too

  • lsmith1988

    Opportunity here sucks. I’d stay.

  • ffadam1

    It’s hard to get ahead here at the moment, it’s like all money is just sucked up no matter what you do, the mortgage rates are pretty high at the moment and the job market is tough, you won’t find a decent wage like you are getting in Australia for the same job, idd look at buying a house here and renting it till you are ready to come home, staying on the good money and sending money home to top up the mortgage