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### Situation Overview in Texas

My case is based in Texas, and I want to ensure clarity on that matter.

**Co-Parenting Relationship Status**

At one point, my daughter’s Mother and I had a strong co-parenting relationship with its ups and downs. Despite challenges, we managed to work through them and effectively raise our daughter. For 12 years, we shared time with our daughter on a one-week-on, one-week-off basis. Initially, there was no child support arrangement, and we mutually agreed on how to handle our financial responsibilities towards our daughter.

**Child Support Arrears**

A few years ago, I received a notice indicating that I was behind on child support as the Mother had filed for it. However, she later decided not to pursue the case, which led me to neglect the issue. Unfortunately, this negligence caused me to fall into arrears with the Office of the Attorney General (OAG). Fortunately, the Mother forgave all arrears, and I managed to catch up on payments.

**Challenges and Communication**

Subsequently, employment issues affected my ability to meet the court-ordered payments, despite reaching out to the OAG for a more manageable payment plan. Regrettably, the OAG insisted on a higher payment amount to cover the interest on the arrears, leading to a challenging repayment schedule. Attempts to resolve the situation with the Mother have also proven futile, as she appears unwilling to cooperate or engage in discussions regarding the matter.

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  • EndlessCrisis

    Yup that’s child support for you, there is nothing that can be done. Arrears will not go away unless the other parent waives them considering she’s not on government assistance.

    They will garnish your wages so you can’t survive , take your tax returns etc.. oh and they charge you an interest rate for the arrears to 

  • SweetTexasT

    You should be able to go for a temporary modification of child support. You will have to prove you have been trying to find a job that pays the same though.

  • lirudegurl33

    Curious…did OAG ever tell you to do a modification?

    My brother owes a crazy amount of arrears, and I asked him why did he not file for modification when he was unemployed or his income had changed. He had the blandest answer and Im certainly hoping thats NOT the general thought process.

    I mean you are basically doing 50/50. When you presented that information to the court, did they offer to remove that part of CS?