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I have been divorced since 2021, and my ex and I have split custody 50/50 up until this point. Despite not having a great personal relationship, we have managed to co-parent effectively.

Our son is a 14-year-old freshman in high school, and we reside in Florida.

My ex has a history of alcoholism and works in the alcohol industry. He is extremely controlling and has a habit of cutting off friends and family members who do not conform to his demands. Following our split, he cut me out of his life once he realized I had moved on. Recently, our son has expressed a desire to take a break from basketball to focus on weightlifting and grades due to struggles at school and pressure from his father to excel in sports.

In response to our son’s decision, he received a threatening and abusive text from his father, warning him about the consequences of taking a break from basketball. His father then put him on lockdown at his house, restricting his social interactions, activities, and even his phone usage. Our son, feeling overwhelmed, expressed a desire to run away to a friend’s house.

After consulting with my lawyer, it seems that legal action cannot be pursued based on a single text message. However, the escalating situation has raised concerns about our son’s wellbeing.

My lawyer advised me to wait and see how my ex responds to the situation this week. Online research has indicated that changing custody on a whim is not straightforward. Despite my ex’s lack of communication for the past few days, I am unsure if he can simply give up custody without legal repercussions.

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  • oceanblu456

    You could preemptively serve him papers reconfiguring custody and child support, especially if he’s an alcoholic and jobless. Document everything, save all the txts.

  • liladvicebunny

    Generally if your ex no longer wants to do custody time, the law is not going to track him down and force the kid onto him. So yes, it can shift to being your full custody.

    What he *can’t* do is give up legal responsibility just because he wants to. If custody goes to 100% you, that will probably *increase* the amount of child support he’s supposed to pay, and he will still be legally a parent if some emergency situation comes up where that matters.

  • oceanblu456

    NAL. Sounds like you all would be better off without him and him excusing himself would be ideal. The biggest issue is child support. It’s unlikely he can just excuse himself from full responsibility. He can certainly give up custody rights but a court would likely make him pay child support still. Again NAL but I have a kid and went through some custody stuff.

  • inkblot81

    NAL, but if your ex has threatened to take money from your son’s bank account as a punishment, your son should withdraw it all immediately. Get a cashier’s check until he can open a new account at a different institution, with you listed as the parent. This sub is full of 16- and 17-year-olds learning the hard way that a parent listed on a bank account has full legal access to their money.

  • NoGur9007

    He can’t discharge financial obligation but he could refuse to see the kid.

  • WordGirl711

    I am not a lawyer.

    Family laws in different states can be quite different, but in some states, they have moved away from even using the word “custody.”

    Instead, the court allocates “parenting time” and “parental responsibilities” such as decision making authority for school, healthcare, and religion.

    Your ex would not “lose custody” if he stopped spending time with your son, but the court would be more likely to give you more responsibility i.e. decision making authority.

    Parenting time may also be a factor in child support calculations. However, he cannot voluntarily just “give up” that responsibility.

  • FormerComfortable165

    Ultimately you and the dad can have whatever schedule you agreed on, even if it’s not what the court papers say. That schedule is more for if you guys can’t agree then that is the schedule you must follow. So you two can make any changes that the two of you decide without involving the court. Child support would be a reason to involve the court in schedule changes if there’s a big change in time with one parent vs the other.