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## Teenager Attacked by Mountain Lion in California

A teenager called 911 from a remote area in California on Saturday to report a rare incident: He and his brother had been attacked by a mountain lion. The 18-year-old and his 21-year-old brother were separated during the attack. When officials arrived at the scene in Georgetown, California, an area about 50 miles east of Sacramento, they found the 21-year-old lying on the ground, with the mountain lion crouched beside him.

The older brother tragically lost his life in the attack, authorities confirmed ÔÇö marking the first recorded fatal human-mountain lion incident in California in 20 years. The state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife euthanized the mountain lion near the scene within a few hours.

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Officials had not publicly identified the brothers as of Sunday evening, but they mentioned that the 18-year-old underwent multiple surgeries and was expected to make a full recovery. His family requested privacy to process the tragic event, appreciating the support from the community.

Further investigation by the state wildlife department confirmed that the DNA from the attack scene matched the euthanized mountain lion, a 90-pound animal in a healthy condition. While mountain lions occasionally share trails with humans, they typically avoid direct contact with people, noted wildlife experts.

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The younger brother called 911 around 1 p.m. to report the attack, mentioning that they were in the area for antler shed hunting. When authorities arrived, they found the teenager with severe facial injuries and began immediate medical assistance while searching for the missing brother.

Upon locating the 21-year-old, law enforcement officers took necessary action to scare off the mountain lion and provide aid, but unfortunately, the older brother succumbed to his injuries at the scene. This incident stands as the first recorded fatal mountain lion attack on a human since January 2004, according to data from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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In conclusion, while mountain lions remain a specially protected species in California, attacks on humans are extremely rare. People engaging in outdoor activities are advised to stay vigilant on trails and equipped with necessary precautions to minimize risks. By staying informed and prepared, individuals can safely enjoy the natural environment while taking appropriate measures to coexist with wildlife responsibly.

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