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## Double Demerits during Easter Holidays in NSW

During the Easter holidays, there is a concern about running red lights and the possibility of double demerits in NSW. It is crucial to understand the rules and regulations in place to avoid any legal repercussions.

## Is Running a Red Light a Double Demerit Offence in NSW?

Many individuals are confused about whether running a red light during Easter holidays leads to double demerits in NSW. It is important to clarify this information to prevent any misunderstandings or penalties.

## Importance of Following Traffic Rules

Even if double demerits are not applicable for running red lights during Easter in NSW, it is still crucial to abide by traffic rules to ensure safety for yourself and others on the road.

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  • NumSeq

    It’s not a double demerit offense in NSW.

    Should be though. It’s fucking dangerous.

    Learn from it and be safer.

  • juicyman69

    Today I learnt not all offenses are double demerit during double demerit.

    In hindsight, that’s a lot fairer and makes sense.

  • _Aj_  

    > Some driving offences attract twice the number of demerit points during holiday periods. These offences include:  
    * speeding offences  
    * seatbelt offences  
    * motorcycle helmet offences  
    * mobile phone offences.   

    So not red light camera.  

    It also states on the page if you look up the offence for red lights. So long as your clear so far, you won’t lose your licence as it’s 4 or more to lose your red Ps. Time to take it easy!  

    >  Offence  
    Traffic control lights  
    Not stop at stop line at red light  
    Penalty notice fines  
    Double demerits?  
    Road Rules 2014  
    Rule 56 (1)(a)  

  • fraze2000

    You weren’t speeding or using your phone? Then how did you miss the red light? Or were you trying to make it while the light was still amber and mis-timed it? You are lucky no one got hurt.

  • tumekke

    I thought all points were doubled on DD weekends?

    Running reds is the dumbest thing to do fyi. I would argue it’s worse than speeding, using phones or not wearing seatbelt

  • muso44

    You say you ran through a red light but it seems to me you crawled through the red light doing 30kmph. What was the speed limit? You are either a new driver or not confident driving. If the road is quiet all the more reason for you to do the speed limit which I’m guessing is 60kmph it will help you get through lights in time. If you were only doing 30kmph you have absolutely no excuse for not stopping on amber let alone red.

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  • Rusty_Coight

    You are rightfully fucked & you’ve just lost your licence, so suck shit.