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## CIBC Scraps Gift Card Fee After Customer Complaints

CIBC has made the decision to eliminate the fee associated with purchasing e-gift cards. Customers who used credit cards to buy these cards between September 29, 2023, and February 29, 2024, will also receive automatic refunds for any cash advance charges incurred.

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  • PaperweightCoaster

    They were doing what!? That doesn’t even make any sense.

  • zerefyagami

    They were only sorry because they were caught.

  • ARAR1

    Oh great a big Canadian bank not ripping off their customers. How nice of them!

  • nobodysinn

    > When asked why gift cards aren’t mentioned in the agreement, CIBC said it includes examples that are “illustrative” of what might prompt a cash advance fee.

    Quite insulting to customers. Particularly in the light of the fact that buying a Starbucks gift card at a Starbucks location or a supermarket wouldn’t trigger it.

  • divvyinvestor

    I got hit with this nonsense when I purchased a gift card from Indigo for my mom for her birthday. It’s so scummy.

  • wazzie19

    This was one of the biggest bs fees I came across when I bought lottery tickets online using my PC financial card. Fortunately I had it reversed as a “good will” gesture. Yeah, like they were going to lose money.

  • rgeebee

    I’m sure how this went down is the regulator put pressure on CIBC and they realized that the potential fine + having to refund back with interest they would have had to pay far outweighed the cost of just scrapping this fee proactively.

  • Sad_Conclusion1235

    What about OLG tickets?

  • NastroAzzurro

    >On top of that, she says the CIBC rep couldn’t explain who was responsible for the charge — the bank itself, or CashStar.

    Yep, CIBC is not able to explain who is responsible for the 22.99% interest CIBC are charging the client. Makes total sense.

  • WhiteNoise----

    The irony of being charged $5 + interest for making an interest free loan to a business that ranks lower in priority to every other debt of the company.

    Can we please just end the use of gift cards?

  • Born-Hunter9417

    Banks removing fees that never should have been charge. Nice. LOL