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## What to Expect at the Federal Level for PFR (Sex Offender) Prisoners

First off, sorry for the long post. There are a lot of people asking about prison for the first time as a PFR (sex offender). Here is what to expect from the FEDERAL level if you were already serving time in jail (not turning yourself in).

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Once you are convicted, normally within 1-4 weeks afterwards, you will be picked up by the US Marshals. The Marshals will likely transport you to the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City. You may also possibly go through a transfer center in Atlanta as well depending on your final destination.

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Upon arrival at the transfer center, you will go through Receiving & Discharge (R&D) where you will be asked about your medical history, psychological history, if you have any issues going to general population, etc. Normally, during this time, they will advise you on what your final destination will be. For most of us, you will likely go to a low security prison. This consists of of people who have less than 20 years to serve on their sentence and likely more than 10. (Anything less than 10, normally is eligible for minimum security, with some exceptions…like sex offenders). While in transit, DO NOT TELL YOUR CHARGES. Transit facilities place all types of security levels together from minimum security to lifers. So making up a fabricated story while in transit may be crucial to your safety.

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After as short as a few hours to a month in transit, you will be transferred again by the US Marshals to your destination facility. You will go through R&D again and receive generic clothing. You will then be assigned a housing unit. Once there, although you are anxious and scared, you can likely let your guard down slightly. I was immediately asked if I had a sex offense case and I said yes. I was immediately pointed to a person to talk to, who was also a sex offender and handled newcomers. While not always true, we had a small group that gave you a pair of shower shoes, a soap dish and a soup or two. This is your choice if you want them. We were asked to just replace them or return them if we bought our own so other newcomers had something to get by with. The prison usually provides soap, razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

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Once you are at your designated faci…

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  • KDub3344

    Good and accurate information.

    I’ll add one thing regarding jobs… If you don’t get a job on your own, they will eventually assign you to one. And if that happens, 90% of the time it will be in the chow hall.

  • stopbrandon

    Very accurate.
    I want to add that I was able to self surrender to Terminal Island in CA, bypassing US Marshall’s and transfer centers. I had about 3 weeks to get my things in order and get to T.I.
    I flew down from NorCal, the day before, stayed at a AirB&B with family and was able to have a ‘last supper’.

  • Krunzen64

    When i went through Pahrump (which I don’t think is used any longer,) they pulled me out and asked I’d I wanted to go into PC. I told the no. But thanks for exposing me by pulling me off first. Luckily i don’t look like a typical SO, and no one figured anything out.

    The rest of what he said is true. I would handle the newbies in my unit. First thing I told them was learn how to say excuse me and pardon me a lot. At Lompoc the main jobs were dorm cleanup, chow line, and education. Anything in construction was hit or miss. Jobs in laundry and commissary were off limits to us.

  • Libragal82

    Thank you for sharing!❤️

  • Adoptivemomof1

    I can tell you my husband was pulled off con air when they got to Oklahoma and put on a bus to Grady county to sleep there for the night. All of the SO’s went. He was then taken the next day from OK to Kentucky to stay at FMC Lexington. He served his entire 5 years in Kentucky. He spent two whole days traveling by bus and plane to get there. They picked him up in Orlando Florida, drove to tampa boarded a flight to Jacksonville, flew to Miami, flew to Atlanta then to Oklahoma bus to Grady county and back to Oklahoma then flew to Kentucky. He was so confused and tired when he got there. He was allowed to call from Grady County and once he arrived at FMC Lexington. He was safe while in prison no real issues while there. He learned a new trade and worked his way up to teaching the trade. Released and no real issues since home. Even got off probation 5 years early.

  • Affectionate-Gur5384

    Just wanted to add that it’s possible to have multiple jobs, if you want to keep busy, or don’t have much financial help coming in.

    While I was at FMC Devens, I worked in food service doing veggie prep by day, recreation orderly and equipment room attendant by night. I was also the trulincs orderly in the unit, and twice a week taught drum lessons at rec. This brought well over 100$ per month, and the time flew by.

    Each job comes with special perks too… Guys in facilities have ready access to a most prized commodity, ear plugs. In veggie prep I was able to ensure I had some extra ingredients for cooking in the unit. The rec jobs gave me access to all of the movies that would play in housing units. I could watch these in the equipment room at my leisure. Most important for me, having abundant access to the drums was most helpful. I used to be a touring musician, so having this outlet cannot be understated as a means to keeping my sanity, and spirits flying high despite my situation.