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## What Are the Consequences of Pressing Charges for Theft?

My 16-year-old son has a significant issue with stealing from me, and I am considering pressing charges to address the situation. However, I am unsure about the possible outcomes and consequences of taking legal action. Over the past six months, there have been two major instances of theft that have significantly impacted me.

In September, he stole my old iPhone and used it to hack into my Coinbase account, ultimately purchasing a car for $7,700 through fraudulent means. This involved committing wire fraud to transfer the money and mail fraud to delete any confirmation emails from my email account.

Recently, I discovered that he used an old ATM card of mine to withdraw $200. I had previously allowed him to withdraw money for me using this card, but it was foolish of me to share my PIN with him. He used the $200 to buy a credit card programming machine and 10 blank cards, as well as opening a Coinbase account using his older brother’s driver’s license.

## How Can AI Legalese Decoder Help in This Situation?

By utilizing AI Legalese Decoder, a tool designed to simplify legal language, you can better understand the potential legal consequences of pressing charges against your son for theft. This tool can provide you with information on the likely fines, sentences, and community service hours associated with these felonies. Additionally, AI Legalese Decoder can offer insights into the long-term implications of a conviction on your son’s record, including whether it is likely to be expunged at 18.

## Considerations Before Taking Legal Action

Before deciding whether to press charges, it is essential to weigh the potential outcomes and consequences carefully. You may also explore alternative methods of enforcing consequences, such as implementing stricter measures within your household. Ultimately, seeking guidance from a legal professional or using AI Legalese Decoder can help you make an informed decision about how to address your son’s behavior effectively.

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  • AustinBike

    He would be looking at several years in prison for this. But at 16 this may be tried as a juvenile, not an adult.

    This would be very difficult to mimic on your own. But there is already a complete system set up to handle what you are looking for. It is called the legal system. At this point you could either turn him in yourself, or wait for someone else to do it for you – but then you have zero control over the situation.

    If you are not look to send him to jail for a long time, then start with the ATM transaction. Then you can still have the grand theft to hang over his head once he gets a taste of what juvenile detention feels like.

    Either way, if you do nothing this is going to continue. Also, that car is yours by default and I’d be eyeing that as well.

  • NCC1701-Enterprise

    It is impossible to know what the results would be. The DA could choose not to pursue it, especially considering you undid the purchase of the car. Or they may decide to make an example out of him and throw the book at him and get him in Juvenile detention until he is 18. Also will depend on the judge and your sons lawyer.

    If you want control over the severity of the punishment then it is best to keep the legal system out of it.

  • Ok_Advantage7623

    It would be correct to assume that he is a thief. And if you don’t stop him now he will become a bigger thief You will be having him arrested and sent a way for a couple of years is the best thing that can happen. Call the police, sign the complaint let him go to juvenile detention and either he will of learned his lesson, or he will get out and keep doing bad behavior. This is more than likely his last chance to get straightened out