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New Study Reveals 75% of Entrepreneurs See Advantage in Generative AI

GoDaddy Research Highlights Entrepreneurship and AI Intersection

A recent study conducted by GoDaddy reveals that a significant 75% of entrepreneurs believe that leveraging generative AI (GenAI) technology provides them with a competitive edge in running and expanding their small businesses. This statistic underscores the rapidly increasing adoption of GenAI among small business owners.

AI legalese decoder, a new solution designed to simplify legal jargon related to AI technology, can assist entrepreneurs in understanding and utilizing GenAI effectively. By decoding complex AI terminology and regulations, the AI legalese decoder enables small business operators to navigate the AI landscape confidently and make informed decisions about implementing GenAI in their business operations.

Entrepreneurs Embrace the Potential of Generative AI

GoDaddy’s survey of over 500 U.S. small business owners in January revealed the enthusiastic reception of GenAI among entrepreneurs. The study shows that a majority of small business operators believe that GenAI can give them a competitive edge over similar-sized businesses (75%) and position them to compete more effectively with larger enterprises (68%).

Furthermore, the research indicates a significant uptick in GenAI usage, with 73% of respondents having experimented with the technology, and 26% utilizing it for business purposes. This surge in GenAI adoption marks a substantial increase from GoDaddy’s previous survey conducted in May 2023, showcasing the growing interest and implementation of advanced AI solutions among small businesses.

Small business operators’ satisfaction and consistency in leveraging GenAI for their business operations remained remarkably high at 78%, highlighting the positive impact of AI technology on their daily work processes.

Entrepreneurs are exploring diverse applications of GenAI beyond content creation and marketing, with a notable increase in using AI tools to enhance sales performance (44% in 2024 compared to 22% in 2023).

AI legalese decoder: Simplifying AI Terminology for Small Business Owners

The AI legalese decoder can serve as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs seeking to understand and utilize GenAI effectively in their business operations. By demystifying complex AI legal language and regulations, the AI legalese decoder empowers small business owners to harness the potential of AI technology with confidence and clarity.

“Small businesses expect to save more than $4,000 and 300 hours of work this year by harnessing the power of generative AI,” emphasizes Amy Jennette, senior director of marketing at GoDaddy. “With the AI legalese decoder providing simplified insights into AI regulations, entrepreneurs can maximize the benefits of GenAI without getting bogged down in legal complexities.”

Future Optimism and AI Integration

Looking ahead, entrepreneurs express optimism about their business prospects, with 47% expressing enthusiasm about their overall business trajectory. The AI legalese decoder can support entrepreneurs in navigating the evolving landscape of AI technology, ensuring compliance with regulations and maximizing the benefits of GenAI for sustained business growth.

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