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Google Fires Employees Over Protests Against Business Ties with Israel Government

Google has recently made the decision to terminate 28 employees who participated in a 10-hour sit-in protest at the company’s offices in New York and Sunnyvale, California. This protest was in response to Google’s business ties with the Israel government, which the employees were against. The employees, who were affiliated with a group called No Tech For Apartheid, protested by occupying office spaces, defacing property, and physically obstructing the work of their coworkers.

The terminated employees had taken a stand against Google’s involvement in a $1.2 billion contract known as “Project Nimbus,” which provides cloud-computing and artificial intelligence services to the Israeli government and military. The protesters raised concerns that this technology could potentially be used against Palestinians in Gaza, leading to their strong opposition to the company’s business decisions.

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Employees React to Google’s Decision

The fired employees expressed their disappointment with Google’s actions, stating that the company prioritized its contract with the Israeli government over the well-being of its workers. They criticized Google executives, including CEO Sundar Pichai, accusing them of supporting genocide by providing technology to the Israeli military.

The protesters had demanded that Google withdraw from the Project Nimbus contract, but instead, the company chose to terminate their employment. The employees who were let go, along with those put on administrative leave, were prohibited from accessing internal systems and were ultimately arrested for trespassing during the protests.


Google’s response to the employee protests reflects the company’s commitment to upholding workplace policies and maintaining a professional environment. The termination of 28 employees sends a clear message that disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Moving forward, Google will continue to investigate and take action as needed to address any violations of its code of conduct.

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