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## Situation in State Pennsylvania

I have been residing in Pennsylvania since late December of 2023. Upon moving in, we were immediately disturbed by the upstairs tenant’s disruptive behavior all night long. Despite the poor insulation of the place, the disturbance persisted until we finally raised the issue with the landlady. Initially, she downplayed the situation, claiming it was ‘odd’ that the tenant would behave that way and promised to address it. Subsequently, the tenant accused us of not approaching her first.

Fast forward to the present, we have discovered from neighbors that this tenant has driven out three previous tenants in the past three years. Additionally, we were informed that she callously dismissed a dying woman’s pleas to reduce noise. As our one-year tenancy continues, I have accumulated recordings of the tenant allowing her teenagers to sit on our vehicles, hosting parties with multiple cars full of people, loud stomping by small children that shakes our ceiling fans, and smoking both cigarettes and marijuana. This has resulted in a chest infection for me as I struggle with asthma. Prior to living here, I had not needed my inhaler in years but now rely on it daily.

Despite our repeated appeals, the landlady has been unresponsive to our complaints, even as the disruptive behaviors escalate. The local authorities can only take complaints and have emphasized that the landlady is responsible for taking action. However, she continues to ignore the situation. As a person with autism, I am subjected to daily torment, while even my therapy dog is distressed.

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  • duchess_of_fire

    NAL but I’ll give you the advice I was given from my local police department when I had a troublesome neighbor. Keep a log of incidents, include dates, times, etc. If you can get a recording of their disturbances from within your apartment, it’s better than outside because it shows they are impacting your enjoyment of the home. Review your lease or contact the state bar association to find a lawyer that works with tenants, and then go from there to find the best solution for your specific situation.

    (normally i don’t think legal advice from police is all that great, but this helped me at least get a good outline of the situation to bring to a consultation so I wasn’t wasting my time or theirs)