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Small Business Owners Showcased at Cairns Meet the Buyer Event

Small businesses owners will take the spotlight when over $760 million worth of the region’s largest construction projects are represented at Cairns Meet the Buyer next month.

About 100 local small business owners will get in front of large organisations at the annual event on Wednesday 1 May to mark the start of Small Business Month. This provides them with a unique opportunity to showcase their goods and services to major buyers.

The event will host construction companies working on the Cairns Tropical Enterprise Centre, HMAS Cairns upgrades, Cairns Hospital Expansion, and Cairns Water Security Stage 1 Project. These projects represent significant opportunities for small businesses to engage with large buyers.

Cairns Regional Council and the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training have partnered to provide the opportunity for small and family-owned businesses to pitch their goods and services to big buyers. This collaboration aims to support the growth and development of local businesses.

Limited spots remain available for small business owners to register for the chance to connect one-on-one with large buyers from the public and private sector. The Cairns Meet the Buyer event serves as a platform for these businesses to expand their networks and explore collaboration opportunities.

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Cairns Mayor Amy Eden emphasized the importance of events like Meet the Buyer in supporting small businesses and boosting the local economy. “We are connecting small businesses with some of the biggest buyers in the Cairns economy, helping them thrive and contribute to our community,” she said.

Cairns Meet the Buyer 2024 is an opportunity for small businesses to connect with large, local organisations across numerous sectors who regularly buy goods and services. Buyers will share updates on upcoming projects and provide insights on how small businesses can best collaborate with them.

Last financial year, Council contributed 4% to the Cairns Gross Regional Product and directly supported 3,578 local jobs with a total of $339 million, or 87% Council’s total expenditure, spent at Cairns businesses. This underscores the significant impact that small businesses have on the local economy.

Cairns Meet the Buyer 2024

Small and family businesses are invited to register for this free event. Spaces are limited, so interested business owners should secure their spot as soon as possible to capitalize on this valuable networking opportunity.

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