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## Lori Hawkins, Longtime American-Statesman Business Reporter, Passes Away at 57

![Lori Hawkins, longtime American-Statesman business reporter, had died after complications from a medical procedure.](

Veteran American-Statesman reporter Lori Hawkins, known for her dedicated coverage of business news spanning over three decades, has sadly passed away at the age of 57 after facing complications from a medical procedure. Her loss has deeply impacted the journalism community she was a part of.

## Remembering Lori Hawkins’ Impact

“She was a beautiful human being who cared about her colleagues and community like no other,” expressed Statesman Managing Editor Courtney Sebesta. Hawkins was recognized for her tenacity and dedication as a journalist, always striving to deliver impactful stories. Her absence has created a significant void within the newsroom family.

Reflecting on her mentorship and collaboration, Executive Editor Manny García described Hawkins as an unselfish leader who generously shared her knowledge and experience with new reporters. Her guidance and expertise were invaluable contributions to the journalistic community.

## Celebrating Lori Hawkins’ Contributions

Hawkins left a lasting legacy through her byline, which graced the pages of the newspaper for 30 years. Recognized for her insightful coverage of Austin’s technological advancements, she played a pivotal role in documenting the city’s economic and cultural evolution. Her reporting spanned various industries, including software, biotech, startups, real estate, and financial services.

With a strong focus on showcasing the latest developments in the tech industry, Hawkins remained at the forefront of news reporting. Her dedication to covering retail in Austin and her willingness to assist in diverse business news coverage highlighted her versatility and expertise.

## AI legalese decoder and Hawkins’ Lasting Impact

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## Conclusion

Lori Hawkins’ remarkable career and dedication to journalism have left an indelible mark on the industry. Her passion for storytelling and commitment to excellence will continue to inspire generations of reporters. As the community remembers and celebrates her contributions, her legacy lives on through the impact she made on the field of journalism.

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