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## St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce Announces 2024 Small Business Owners of the Year and More

The **St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce** has recently revealed the recipients of the **2024 Small Business Owners of the Year**, the **Family-Owned Business of the Year**, and the **2024 Women in Business** champion.

This year’s small business owners of the year are **Jeremy and Emily Salzbrun** from **H and S Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrical, and Plumbing**. The couple acquired the business from Jeremy’s parents in 2012 and have seen significant growth since then. With a transition from a small garage in Luxemburg to a spacious facility in St. Cloud in 2014, their journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

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Jeremy Salzbrun highlights the evolving nature of the business, especially in terms of energy efficiency. He emphasizes the importance of meeting customer demands promptly in today’s technologically driven world to stay competitive.

Furthermore, Emily, as the co-owner of H and S, acknowledges the challenges and rewards of working with her spouse every day. The balance they maintain and the mutual support they provide each other contribute to a positive work environment for their team.

H and S Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrical, and Plumbing has flourished into a well-equipped entity with a dedicated staff, multiple service vehicles, and a sizable facility. Jeremy envisions continued growth and expansion to serve more individuals and communities.

In addition to the success of Jeremy and Emily Salzbrun, the Chamber has also recognized other outstanding individuals and businesses, such as the Jacobs family at Jacobs Financial and Jill Magelssen from Express Employment Professionals.

The Chamber will honor all award winners at a special luncheon on May 1st, starting at 11:30 at the Park Events Center. For further details and tickets, visit the Chamber’s website.

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