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## Dealing with Unresolved Medical Debt Issue

In June 2023, I visited the emergency room and provided my insurance information. However, after moving shortly thereafter, I discovered that the hospital never billed my insurance. Consequently, a debt collector contacted me claiming I owe nearly $3,400. Despite my efforts to rectify the situation by submitting the debt information to my insurance, they deemed it too late to file a claim and denied any responsibility.

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In my interactions with the debt collector, they showed little concern for the specifics of the case, insisting on immediate payment. Given the exorbitant amount demanded for what seems like a routine emergency room visit, I feel unjustly burdened by this financial strain.

Moreover, upon receiving the itemized bill from the hospital, I was shocked to discover multiple charges for EKGs totaling over $2,000. This excessive billing adds to my frustration and reinforces my belief that something is amiss in the handling of my case.

As I navigate this challenging predicament, I seek guidance on the best course of action. How can I contest the inflated charges and advocate for a fair resolution? What legal rights do I have in this situation, and how can I protect myself from undue financial hardship?

With the assistance of AI Legalese Decoder, I aim to unravel the complexities of medical debt and insurance disputes, empowering myself to make informed decisions and pursue a just outcome in this troubling ordeal.

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