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# Skylight Issue with Council Drone Surveillance

I have recently completed a renovation and installed a skylight in my ensuite bathroom. The skylight provides a view of the sky and not any neighboring houses or flats. Moreover, it is important to note that the skylight does not allow anyone to look in, and I cannot use it to peer into other people’s gardens.

The skylight features clear glass rather than frosted glass. However, I received a letter from the council stating that they utilized drone footage to observe the clear glass and have mandated that it be frosted. While I comprehend the necessity of frosted glass for typical windows, this situation involves a skylight.

In response, I am willing to purchase frosted film from Amazon and apply it to the skylight. Although I appreciate the clear view of the blue sky, I am willing to make this adjustment.

With regards to the council’s use of drones to surveil my property, particularly my bathroom where the skylight is located, I have concerns. What if I or my underage children were showering in the bathroom at the time of their surveillance? Can the council legally fly drones over residential properties for such purposes?

# AI Legalese Decoder to Address Council’s Drone Surveillance

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