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## State: Florida
### Concern: Child abuse allegation

State is Florida, my 7-year-old just got dropped off and has bruising on his thigh. When I asked about it he said “(mom’s boyfriend’s name) hit me with a belt, then his hand”. I asked him why he hit him with a belt and he said he locked his door. I’m beyond furious and can’t think straight, but in lieu of driving over there and beating the guy with my own belt, I want to know what other options I may have in dealing with this.

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  • ThoughtfulMadeline

    Florida courts have made it clear that parents, legal guardians, and those acting under the authority of the parents or legal guardians have the right to discipline a child with a reasonable amount of corporal punishment that is not excessive. However, the Florida Second District of Appeal held in State v. McDonald that a parent (or guardian) who engages in behavior that results in severe bruises or the need for medical intervention can be subject to prosecution.

    If the bruising is severe, you can definitely report this to the police. There’s no guarantee that they will act on the report though.

    Aside from that, if there’s a court approved parenting plan in place, it should spell out what acceptable forms of punishment are. If it doesn’t, you can go back to court to modify it to include such.