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## **Navigating the Legal Battle: A Fight for Justice**

No legal battle is ever easy, and I never imagined I would find myself in one, fighting for what is rightfully owed to my husband. The journey has been a challenging one, testing our beliefs in justice and fairness.

In a world where integrity and honesty are instilled from a young age, we have always believed that good deeds triumph over wrongdoings. However, our experience has shattered this ideal, revealing a system that seems to protect fraudsters and scammers rather than the innocent.

My husband took on the role of Head Pizza Chef at Jam Jar Kitchen for the 2022 season in Crantock, Cornwall. The promising pay and picturesque location lured us in, prompting us to make the move. At the time, I also worked at the establishment part-time to spend more time with my husband.

Initially, everything seemed amicable until they pressured my husband into becoming a “self-employed worker,” a move we later discovered was to evade tax payments. This deceitful tactic raised red flags, especially in the hospitality industry where such practices are uncommon.

As the season progressed, a serious injury and a series of unjust and stressful incidents culminated in my husband not receiving his full wages. Determined to seek justice, we pursued legal action against the owner-directors, Jessica and Daniel Gear, through the Employment Tribunal.

Despite following the required conciliation process through ACAS, Jam Jar disregarded our efforts, leading us to enlist the help of a solicitor. Subsequently, we filed the necessary forms for the Employment Tribunal process (ET1), only to be met with baseless allegations and a shifting narrative from Jam Jar, who resorted to evasive tactics.

Eventually, my husband won the tribunal by default, supported by a plethora of evidence substantiating our claims. However, the defendants continue to evade paying over £21,000 owed to him, exploiting legal loopholes by operating under a new company name.

Taking the matter to the High Court revealed the intricate web of deception woven by Jam Jar, as they attempted to dissolve the original company and deflect accountability. Despite our objections and concrete evidence, the battle against their deceitful practices persists.

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As we continue to confront the dubious actions of Jam Jar and seek restitution for the injustices faced, we remain vigilant in our quest for truth and accountability. Despite the challenges ahead, we are resolute in our fight for justice and transparency, refusing to let the perpetrators of deceit go unpunished.

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