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## Businesses in Las Vegas Arts District Assess Damage After Burglaries

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) ÔÇô The Las Vegas Arts District was rocked by news of two popular businesses being burglarized, leaving owners and managers to evaluate the extent of the damage.

Shocking news spread through the Downtown Arts District as two beloved establishments fell victim to break-ins on Thursday morning. Tacotarian, a popular taco restaurant near Main and Charleston, was the first target. Just a block away near Colorado Avenue, Dig It! Coffee Co. was also hit by thieves.

Tacotarian Manager Miriam Cedeno expressed her dismay, detailing the damage done to their restaurant. She mentioned that the burglars broke a window, entered the premises, damaged the POS system, and made off with some cash before leaving. Cedeno explained that the financial loss was minimal, with only around $10 taken from the cash drawer. However, the repair costs for the entryway and the damaged POS system exceeded $2000, presenting a significant setback for a small business like Tacotarian.

At Dig It! Coffee Co., store owner Taylor Chaney echoed a similar sentiment, recounting the ordeal that took place at her coffee shop shortly after Tacotarian was targeted. Chaney reported that the burglars also caused damage to the door and glass, but since her establishment operates as a cashless shop, there was no monetary loss.

Amidst the aftermath of these burglaries, residents in the area voiced their concern over the rising crime rate in the valley. Gai Phanalasy, a local resident, noted the unsettling nature of such incidents and expressed frustration over the increasing boldness of criminals.

In response to the surge in criminal activity, businesses like Tacotarian and Dig It! Coffee Co. have filed police reports and taken steps to increase security measures. Despite the setbacks, both establishments have resumed operations and are open for business.

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