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## Russia Launches Air Strikes on Kyiv and Lviv

On Sunday, officials reported that Russia launched air strikes on Kyiv and the western Ukrainian region of Lviv. This escalation of violence has caused neighboring Poland to activate their armed forces and implement measures to protect their airspace, including deploying Polish and allied aviation.

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## Polish Response to Russian Aggression

The Polish Operational Command reported that a long-range Russian cruise missile briefly entered Polish airspace on Sunday, emphasizing the need for heightened vigilance and readiness. Polish and allied forces have been activated to address the escalating security threats posed by Russian incursions into neighboring territories.

## Protecting Lviv from Russian Attacks

While the city of Lviv has not been directly attacked, Mayor Andriy Sadovyi reported that missiles and drones targeted critical infrastructure in the broader Lviv region. The situation remains volatile, with Russian missiles flying close to the border with Poland, prompting additional security measures and increased military presence in the area.

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## International Condemnation of Russian Actions

The ongoing attacks by Russia on Ukraine have drawn strong condemnation from the international community. U.S. Ambassador Bridget Brink highlighted the indiscriminate nature of the Russian attacks, emphasizing the need for compliance with international law and the protection of civilian lives.

## Poland’s Previous Encounter with Russian Missiles

In a previous incident in December 2023, a Russian missile entered Polish airspace, prompting a diplomatic protest from Poland and NATO. This violation of sovereignty underscored the need for continued vigilance and cooperation among allied nations to safeguard territorial integrity and regional stability amid escalating tensions.

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